Do you struggle to write sales copy for your business?

In this  podcast episode I share practical tactics for writing sales copy in your business including sales pages, marketing emails, Facebook ads and more. And I share the frameworks I use in my own business to help me write awesome sales copy – and do it fast.

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Here’s an overview of what I cover in the episode:

I spent 18 years writing and editing for national newspapers like the Guardian. I’ve also helped hundreds of business owners with copywriting. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s this: if you’re struggling to write sales copy for your business, it’s not because you’re a bad writer and/or don’t have any ideas. It’s simply that you don’t know what you want to say and/or have a structure or framework to follow. With that in mind here’s five practical tips and tactics to help you write more effective copy in 2019 and beyond. 

1.Focus on the problem your product/service solves for your customer

Before you even think about writing sales copy for a product or service, you need to understand the problem you’re solving for your prospective customers or clients. You need to be able to articulate that pain point – and show how you can heal that pain.

This means you need to get specific. Let’s say you’re a Facebook ads specialist, for example. Saying that you have an online course for small business owners who are fed up wasting money on ads that don’t work or specifically for business owners with online membership communities is far more likely to resonate with potential customers than simply saying you have a course on Facebook ads for small business owners.

It can be scary to niche down on a very specific type of customer/client – or hone in on a very specific pain point – but if you try to appeal to everyone, you’ll end up appealing to no one.

2. Create a ‘core offer’

For every new product/service I launch I write a ‘core offer’ – around 200 words of sales copy that sets out exactly what I’m selling and who I’m selling it to. I use this core offer as the basis of all my ad copy e.g. email marketing, Facebook ads, sales pages, social media posts and more. This saves me hours of time as can literally just cut and paste the words  into different types of sales copy.

You can hear me teaching my four-step sales formula to one of my clients in this podcast episode: On-air coaching: how to write awesome sales copy. 

My sales formula, along with a tutorial on how to use it, is also available as part of my how to write awesome sales copy course (which also includes templates, cheat sheets and swipe files for email marketing, sales pages, Facebook ads and more).

Get my how to write awesome sales copy course.

3. Focus on benefits not features

People don’t buy your product or service because they want a ‘thing’. They buy because they want the transformation that comes with having that ‘thing.’

For example, people don’t buy my how to write awesome sales copy course because they want a bunch of video tutorials, templates and swipe files. They buy it because they want the transformation that comes with the course: becoming the kind of person who can simply open a word or Google doc and write great copy (without spending hours sweating over their keyboard).

And they don’t buy high-end handbags because they want a bag. Yes they need something to carry their belongings in, but why spend £500 when a £10 bag would do the job? They buy the £500 bag because they want the transformation that comes with having the bag. For some people that might be about feeling fashionable and stylish (because that makes them feel good). For others that might be about showing off to other people that they have money.

Whatever you think of their motivations, it’s important you understand that peoples’ buying decisions are driven by emotion. Which is why simply listing the features of your product or service in your sales copy will leave them cold. Focus on the transformation your product or service can offer and you’re much more likely to grab peoples’ attention.

4. Create or follow a framework

If you’re struggling to write sales copy, it’s not because you’re not a good writer, it’s because you don’t know what you want to say. And without a plan or a structure to follow the task of writing a sales page, Facebook ad or an email marketing campaign can seem too overwhelming.

This is why I’ve created frameworks for all the sales copy I create in my business. For example, when I’m writing Facebook ads, I generally create around 12 ads for each campaign (so I can test out different combinations of copy and images to see what resonates with my audience).

Sitting down to write 12 ads (around 3600 words) could be quite a daunting task, But because I’ve created frameworks I can follow to write Facebook ads, I can write each one in around five minutes.

Here’s how I do it.

I create three styles of ad for each campaign: aspirational, painful and playful (I generally do 3-4 of each) – most of which are built around my 200 word ‘core offer’ (I explain what this is in point 2). This means all I have to do is switch the opening sentence or two in each version of the ad to create a new one.  As a result, I can generally write copy for 12 ads in around 90 mins. Without that framework I think it could take all day.

You can get access to my Facebook ad writing formula in my how to write awesome sales copy course.

I have similar frameworks I follow for writing email marketing campaigns, events sales pages, social media posts, online course sales pages & more – all of which are also available in the course. 

Learn what’s working on Facebook right now. 

5. Be conversational

If you want to engage your ideal customers/clients in your sales copy, they need to feel as if you’re talking just to them. That’s why it’s important to use a relaxed, conversational style, personal pronouns (i.e. ‘you’ and ‘you’re’) and use simple, accessible language. If you imagine you’re writing a post on your personal Facebook page or a letter to a friend, you should have it about right.

Want to stop stressing over your sales copy? Get my how How To Write Awesome Sales Copy course. 

Podcast shownotes

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How to access all the resources referenced in this podcast (3:45)
  • Why you need to understand the particular pain point your customer has (8:35)
  • How to nail your ‘core offer’ (15:42)
  • Why you need to focus on the transformation your customer will receive/experience
  • How to understand the particular pain point your customer has (if you are a product based business) (23:15)
  • Why you need to use writing frameworks to help you create your copy quickly (32:07)
  • The three different types of ad copy I write (32:10)
  • The three different types of email copy I use (35:22)
  • Why you need to get conversational with your sales copy (39:02)
  • Examples of ad copy that works (40:41)


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