Invitation to my Podcast Wrap Party

Join me to celebrate my Build Your Online Audience podcast.

My Build Your Online Audience Podcast is ending at episode 450 and I’d love you to join me at my podcast wrap party on Friday 26 March 2021 at 4 pm – 6 pm GMT.

I’ve invited all my podcast guests from the past five years and I’d love to have my listeners there too.

Listen to this quick podcast to find out how to get the link to register to join us.

Plus I will also be announcing a giveaway – which includes a very special prize for one lucky listener who wants to start a podcast.

It includes everything you need to get your podcast up and running.

See you there!

Register for my podcast party here

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Podcast show notes


  • When is my podcast wrap party (0:22)
  • Why you need to register for my podcast wrap party (0:34)
  • How you can win a podcast prize bundle (0:58)
  • What’s included in my podcast prize bundle (01:31)
  • How to register for my podcast wrap party (02:06)
  • When I’m launching my new Courageous Content podcast (02:31)
  • Why I’d love you to join my podcast party (02:44)


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