[237] How to launch a membership site for your business with Anissa Holmes

how to launch membership sites with anissa holmes

Dr Anissa Holmes transformed her struggling dental practice into a highly profitable business in less than a year – using online marketing strategies and Facebook advertising. Now she helps others do the same.

In this episode Anissa explains how she built a thriving membership community and a profitable sales funnel for her business.

Here’s what you’ll learn this episode:

  • Anissa’s Business Story (3:40)
  • How solving your customer’s problems can helped you create multiple income streams (5:30)
  • How to launch a membership community and create content your audience actually want (10:50)
  • Why you should think about what you want your business to look like in a year and the benefits of planning ahead (16:18)
  • Understanding your customers’ ‘What’s Next?’ and how you can ensure that step is taken with you (18:00)
  • How having different levels of membership can help your sales funnel (20:54)
  • How breaking down coaching goals and offering a path for progression can really help your members focus (23:40)
  • Why ‘done’ is better than perfect (26:04)
  • How to promote a membership group (26:45)


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