Bonus Episode recorded live at The London Book Fair: How to develop an entrepreneurial mindset as an author

how to develop an entrepreneur mindset as an author

In this bonus episode, recorded live at The London Book Fair, I explain how you can make money as an author, including examples of how I monetised my book, Your Press Release is Breaking My Heart.

Here’s what you’ll learn this episode:

  • Why you no longer need to wait ‘to be picked’ by traditional publishing houses (3:35)
  • Why there is nothing wrong with making money from books and we shouldn’t resist monetising our books (5:47)
  • How I chose the topic and title of my book (7:44)
  • How I wrote the book in 30 days (9:40)
  • How I grew my audience so I had people to sell the book to (10:20)
  • My sales figures and how publishing the book has helped me achieve this (12:20)
  • How being a self-published author gives you more control over the marketing of your book (15:15)


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