The 2020 Social Media Diary & Planner vs the Media Diary Owners’ Club: what’s the difference?

If you’ve recently bought a 2020 Social Media Diary & Planner (or are considering buying one), you may be wondering what the difference is between the 2020 Social Media Diary & Planner and the Media Diary Owners’ Club.

Here’s a quick rundown of the difference between the two.

2020 Social Media Diary & Planner Only

If you just buy the 2020 Social Media Diary & Planner  you’ll get a media diary which includes hundreds of awareness days and key dates you can use to plan your content for 2020 plus some basic planning tools to help you with annual, quarterly, monthly and weekly planning. You’ll also get a monthly newsletter with additional dates that aren’t available when the diary goes to press (e.g. new books, films, TV programmes).

You can also buy the 2020 Social Media Diary & Planner  as part of a bundle, with a notebook, mug and/or wall planner. 

Becoming a member of the Media Diary Owners’ Club means you’ll get the diary as detailed above, PLUS you’ll also get the training and support you need to make the most of your diary – and accountability, so you actually get things done.

Here’s what you’ll get in addition to your diary:

  • The Content Planning Masterclass (includes a workbook and online classes on content planning/repurposing plus creating shareable content)
  • digital version of the diary (so you can print off specific pages/sections)
  • Additional printables for use alongside the diary to help you plan your content
  • quarterly group coaching call with me to generate ideas for the following quarter and keep you on track.
  • A weekly content inspiration email (full of content ideas using upcoming dates from the diary)