Plan out your PR Strategy for the whole year using my gorgeous a4 desk planner.

It lists awareness days, key dates and significant days (from Mothers Day to London Fashion Week) and comes with detailed instructions on how to use your diary to create PR opportunities - all year round.

As a journalist and PR coach, I’ve helped hundreds of small business owners get featured in places like the Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Huffington Post, Psychologies, Entrepreneur, Daily Mail and Grazia magazines - and on national radio and TV.

Here’s what you get: 

  • A beautiful A4 desk diary (a week per page)
  • Over 1000 awareness days and key dates you can can use to plan your PR, social media and content marketing (along with detailed instructions on how use key dates to generate story ideas and a sample pitch) 
  • A quick-start guide on how to use significant dates/events to generate story ideas journalists will love
  • Check-lists, to-do lists and space to record key journalists’ contact details

Why people buy my media diary 

Ümit Işıl Şimşek 

"Having all the awareness days in one place with an intention to be more organised and effective in terms of PR next year...I thought ‘I really need this diary!’"

Theodora Gould 

"I'm tired of missing opportunities because I don't have time to look all the awareness days and anniversaries up."

Lucy Parsons 

"I ordered because I've found it time consuming to do the research myself and special days are always popping up that I should have known about and done something about proactively." 

Karen Young 

"I ordered it because I wanted to save time, take more control, be more proactive. I don’t want to be on the backfoot in 2017 and miss out on opportunities!"