what should i blog about

Publishing a regular blog can help you build your audience, gain trust and stand out as an authority in your field.  But how do you decide what to blog about?

In this on-air coaching episode, I share practical tips and strategies with business coach Gemma Stow on how to find out what your audience needs help with, write SEO- friendly content, plus how to promote and repurpose your content across all social platforms (and your email list).

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Gemma’s business story (1:44)
  • Gemma’s blogging history (4:36)
  • Why you should be blogging for your business (5:40)
  • Gemma explains the challenges she is having around creating content (7:02)
  • How to drive more people to your blog (9:02)
  • How to find what people are asking about your topic / searching for on Google (13:42)
  • The different types of blog posts you can write (15:32)
  • Why the titles of your blog posts are important (and how to improve them) (22:46)
  • Where to share your blog posts (and how to repurpose your content) (25:14)
  • Summary of the coaching session (33:02)


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