Why we don't offer refunds and transfers

If you’ve bought a ticket for a Soulful PR event and now find you can’t attend, you may be wondering why we can’t offer you a refund or transfer to another event. I’ve put this post together to help you understand why.


There are considerable costs involved in putting on a live event, including hiring a venue, paying speakers, catering, printing, marketing and administrative support (you can read about them here).  These costs still need to be covered, even if you don’t attend. So if we're going to be there, ready to deliver your training - but you aren't - as a small business, we're just not in the position to absorb the financial loss. 

You may wonder why we can’t just resell your ticket. Sadly, there are no guarantees we can. And trying to resell your ticket means putting extra resources into marketing and administration, which means we'd still end up out of pocket. 

Transfers to future events

If you’ve booked one our live events and find you’re unable to attend, you might be wondering why we can’t just add you to the guest list of another event. Here's why: our events have limited numbers. If we transfer your booking to another date, that’s a ticket we can’t sell for a future event - which means losing potential revenue.

Transfers to digital tickets

If you’ve booked one our live events and find you’re unable to attend, you might be wondering why we can’t just send you the recording.

Well trust is really important to us.

The recordings of our events form part of the content for our paid membership community. We also turn some of our live events into online classes for people who can’t get to London. We hire a professional videographer to record the content and offer a live coaching call as part of the package.

Imagine how you annoyed you’d be if you were paying a monthly fee to get access to the content from our live events - or had bought  digital ticket - then found out the content was being shared with people who hadn't paid for it? If we sent you an event recording you hadn't paid for, they'd lose trust in us - and quite rightly so.

That aside, if you booked a ticket to see Take That or Luciano Pavarotti - and found you couldn’t attend, you wouldn’t expect the organisers to send you a recording (and if you did, you’ll probably get shown the door!). 

So what can you do?

You’re welcome to resell your ticket in our Facebook group - providing you give us the name of your replacement prior to the event (we’ll need dietary requirements at least 72 hours before). We've seen many event tickets sold successfully in the Facebook group. 

You might also consider joining the Soulful PR Studio as you'll get access to the recordings of many of our live events (including all the monthly Soulful PR Sessions).


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