Are you struggling to create consistent content or finding you just don’t have the time?

In this episode I share time-saving tips to help your content go further – from turning a blog post into a slideshare presentation to transforming a keynote talk into a podcast episode and a Twitter chat.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Why you need to develop a repurposing mindset (1:48)
  • How to repurpose your blog content (3:09)
  • How to repurpose your podcast content (6:33)
  • How to repurpose talks or presentations (12:15)
  • How to repurpose live video (14:42)
  • How to repurpose your lead magnet (18:25)


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Creating graphics: PicMonkey

Creating graphics: Canva

Sharing audio tool: SoundCloud

Podcast recording tool: Audacity

Sharing slideshows tool: SlideShare

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Creating video trailers and teasers: Headliner

Podcasts transcripts tool:

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Recording video: Zoom

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Screen recording tool for Mac: ScreenFlow

Screen recording tool for PC: Camtasia

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