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Seven podcasts to help you nail your email marketing

Want to nail your email marketing but not sure where to start?

Or perhaps you’d like to build your subscriber list?  Maybe your email subscribers are a bit disengaged and you’d love to know how to get your subscribers to fall back in love with you?

Here are seven email marketing podcasts to help you with your email marketing and list building.

It’s a great round-up of questions I get asked all the time about email marketing. There are also blog posts that go with some of these episodes – so make sure you check the blog post out too.

So if you’ve ever wondered:

  • How to get started and choose the right email marketing software
  • How often you should email your list
  • How to write addictive emails that people can’t wait to open
  • How to get people to actually open your emails
  • How to get more people subscribing to your email list
  • Why you should write that daily email
  • How to follow up with people that have ‘looked but not bought’ from you
  • How to make your email subscribers fall back in love with you


Dive in now and listen:


[216] How to get started with email marketing (podcast)

In this episode, I share three things to help get you started with email marketing for your business.

Get the low down on choosing the right email marketing software for your business – and why you should keep it simple when you’re starting out.

Find out how to create a great lead magnet to help build your email list, with examples to get you started. Plus advice on driving more visitors to your website – which is an essential part of building your email list


[333] 39 Surprisingly easy ways to increase your email subscribers (podcast and blog post)

This is my most popular podcast episode and it’s a must-listen if you’re looking to get more people on your email list.

Listen and read the blog post to discover  39 surprisingly easy ways to increase your email subscribers – starting with how to creating an effective lead magnet to attract email subscribers – before moving on to how to actually get people to sign up to your list.


[360] How to get people to open your emails (podcast and blog post)

If you want to get people to open your marketing emails, you need to write compelling email subject headers.

But what makes a great email subject header? Which words and phrases make people more likely to open your emails? And which ones should you avoid?

That’s exactly what I cover in this podcast episode on how to get people to open your emails. It’s packed with tips, tricks and examples you can use to improve your email open rate.


[395] How to write addictive email copy with Rob & Kennedy (podcast)

Love to know how to write email copy that’s so addictive that people can’t wait to receive your emails?

In fact, they are so keen to get their hands on your email newsletter and find out what you’ve got to say – that if it doesn’t arrive when it normally does – they email you to find out where it is?

If so you’ll love this special podcast episode with email marketing experts Rob & Kennedy which was recorded at my live content planning masterclass 2020Sorted.

They explain how to create curiosity and desire in your emails and the types of call to action you can include to make sure that your reader takes action. They share seven ways to get people addicted to reading your emails and make sure they open them.

It’s full of really practical advice and takeaways that you can apply straight away in your own business.


[401] How often should your email your list (podcast and blog)

‘How often should I email my list?’

This is probably one of the most common questions I get asked about email marketing.

The rather unsatisfactory answer is ‘it depends’ – on all sorts of factors, including how often you usually email your list, what’s going on in your business at the time and what your goals are.

But what I can tell you is that you are almost certainly emailing your list less than you should – and missing out on sales as a result.

I also share the key email sequences every business owner should have. Including my ‘looked but didn’t buy’ email sequence that anyone with a product or service-based business should use.


[404] Five compelling reasons to email your list every day (or at least more often than you do now) (podcast and blog)

If you’re like most business owners I know the idea of emailing your list each day might seem crazy. Won’t people get sick of hearing from you every day? Won’t you lose all your subscribers?

I send a daily email to my list and, in this podcast episode, I share why this has been so good for my business.

Even if you have no intention of sending a daily email to your audience, this episode will give you ideas and inspiration for what to write in your emails so you can build a closer relationship with your audience.

This is probably one of my most personal podcasts and I share a lot of my business and what inspires me to write.


[412] How to make sure you don’t annoy your email subscribers with Rob and Kennedy (podcast)

Ever worried that you’re annoying your email subscribers by sending too many emails? Want to know how many emails are enough and how you can keep your email subscribers happy?

Then you’ll love this podcast episode with email marketing experts and hosts of The Email Marketing Show Rob & Kennedy.

They share four things that you can do to make sure your email subscribers are your biggest fans. Find out why managing expectations is key to happy subscribers and how your subscribers can get to know you.

Discover tips and tactics if you think your email subscribers have fallen out of love with you and how you can win back sleepy subscribers.

They explain why you shouldn’t overthink email segmentation – and why you mustn’t be afraid to delete people from your email list.

And how you can sell in your emails and still give value. It’s full of really practical advice and takeaways that you can apply straight away in your own business.


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