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Janet’s content is so good - we often share it in our talks

Janet is a content machine. We’re in awe of how she never misses a content opportunity and maximises every piece of content she creates. In fact, we often share her as a great example of content marketing in our talks. If you’re struggling to plan and create compelling content, do yourself a favour and check out her resources.

Andrew and Pete

Checkout these Practical Playbooks

My playbooks are packed with actionable tips, tactics and examples you can implement immediately. These downloadable pdf guides are typically around 3-5000 words and include detailed breakdowns and easy-to-follow instructions, as well as insider pro tips. And they're delivered to your inbox in minutes. 

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Sales for July are up a massive 100% from last year.

"I was getting lots of interest in my products - but I wasn’t always able to convert browsers into buyers. With Janet’s encouragement, I’m posting my products more on social media, linking back to my sales page and sending personal follow-ups via email - which has had a big impact on the bottom line of my business. Sales for July - usually a quiet time for my business - are up a massive 1000% from last year."

Amanda Overend
Books & Pieces

Online Courses & Masterclasses

My online masterclasses and courses are packed with practical advice and examples. They all come to with easy-to-follow cheat sheets, checklists and swipe file (sample copy) so you don't have to figure it all out for yourself. And they're delivered to your inbox in minutes. 

Janet’s sales copy formula is genius

We used to spend hours trying to get our sales copy right - until we discovered Janet's sales copywriting formula. It's simple, highly effective and has saved us tons of trying to craft the perfect message. My team use it to create copy all the time.

Amy Woods,
Founder, Content 10x

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