#2020 Sorted Digital

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Would you love to start 2021 with a killer content plan for your business?

One that sets out what kind of content you’re going to publish, when and where: on social media, on your blog/vlog (if you have one) and in your email newsletter.

#2020 Sorted (Digital) is an online toolkit that will walk you through the steps you need to create a year-long content plan for your business...

It’s specifically designed for coaches, creatives and entrepreneurs who want to publish consistent content but get easily distracted and overwhelmed.

You’ll get all the content from my recent live event #2020 Sorted to help you plan your content for the coming year (which is ALMOST as good as being at the event).  This includes 3 practical planning tutorials and 10 inspirational talks to help you get creative with your content in 2020.

Inspiration Bundle

Creating You/Me Moments with Janet Murray

Spotlight session: How focusing one ONE social media platform could help you grow your audience faster with Janine Coombes (Platform focus: LinkedIn)

Spotlight session: Five ways to grow your following on Instagram in 2020 with Hannah Otto

Spotlight session: How to get started with Facebook Messenger Bots with Sarah Mulcare

On stage interview: How to create content that sells with Andrew & Pete

Keynote: How to build a powerful online community with Bella Vasta (Platform focus: Facebook groups)

Practical workshop: How to plan a week’s worth of content in 30 minutes with Andy Lambert from Content Cal

Keynote: How to be more yourself in your content with Natalie Lue

Spotlight session: Creating your own awareness day with Kerry Jordan (Platform focus: Twitter)

Keynote: How to create an email newsletter people look forward to receiving with Rob & Kennedy

Implementation Bundle

Creating your annual content plan with Janet Murray

Creating your quarterly content plan with Janet Murray

Creating your weekly and daily content plan with Janet Murray

Who should purchase #2020Sorted Digital?

Small business owners

Coaches, consultants, experts


Bloggers, podcasters, YouTubers

Creatives (i.e. folk who work in marketing, advertising, design, comms, PR)

Social media managers/consultants

N.B. This online toolkit is suitable for both product and service-based businesses.

Please be advised that all digital products are non-refundable.