Build your audience programme + #2020 Sorted ticket


The Build Your Online Audience Programme​

Step One – Getting Started With Audience Building

This foundation course will give you a quick start guide to building your online audience, and where this fits into your overall marketing strategy.  Building an online audience takes times. So you’ll get you the practical strategies you need to ensure you’re never short of clients while you’re in that building phase.

Step Two – Build Your Online Audience on Social Media

  • Creating your content strategy (deciding what to publish, where and when)
  • How to get social media engagement
  • Social selling (how to make sales on social media)
  • How to create video content for social media
  • Running a successful online community

Plus spotlight classes on: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook Live

Step Three – Build Your Online Audience with Content Marketing

  • Creating your content strategy (deciding what to publish, where and when)
  • How to get your content on the first page of Google (SEO basics)
  • How to do keyword research (so you can create the kind of content your ideal clients are looking for)
  • How to actually get people to read your blog/listen to your podcast/watch your YouTube channel

Plus spotlight classes on: starting a blog, starting a podcast, starting a YouTube channel

Step Four – Build Your Online Audience through Email Marketing

  • Getting started with email list building
  • Developing an idea for an email lead magnet
  • Creating an email lead magnet
  • Creating a simple landing page for your lead magnet
PLUS you’ll get access to my course on How To Write Awesome Email Copy course


Your ticket to #2020 Sorted – the content planning masterclass for coaches, creatives and entrepreneurs – 14th & 15th November 2019 – Hilton Northampton

Would you love to start 2020 with a killer content plan for your business?

One that sets out what kind of content you’re going to publish, when and where: on social media, on your blog/vlog (if you have one) and in your email newsletter.

#2020 Sorted is a live content planning masterclass that will walk you through the steps you need to create a year-long content plan for your business.

It’s specifically designed for coaches, creatives and entrepreneurs who want to publish consistent content but get easily distracted and overwhelmed.

Included with your ticket will be a 2020 Media Diary, packed full of awareness days and key dates you can use to plan out your content across the year. No more trawling the web for inspiration for blog articles, social media updates or ideas for your email marketing.

Day One – Inspiration

When it comes to content, done is definitely better than perfect. But there’s no point creating a year long plan, if the content you’re creating isn’t hitting the spot with your ideal clients. So we’ll start by going deep on what kind of content you should be creating for your business – so you can maximise your time, get more engagement and, ultimately, make more sales.

Day Two – Implementation

Having generated a ton of content ideas on Day 1, we’ll create your content plan for 2020. I’ll break it down step-by-step: annual, quarterly, weekly and daily, so it feels manageable. You’ll leave full of ideas for your content in 2020 and (if you follow all the steps) with a full-on content plan for 2020.

Headline Speakers

There’ll be a number of guest speakers – all leading content creators in their industry, including Andrew and Pete, Bella VastaNatalie Lue and Rob and Kennedy.

Spotlight Speakers

You’ll also hear from six inspiring content creators who are making their mark on a specific platform, including Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook (all current former clients and/or members of my team) including: Janine CoombesCatherine GladwynSarah MulcareJennifer HamleyKerry Jordan and Hannah Otto

There’s no fluff at a Janet Murray event. All of our speakers will share practical advice you can apply in your business straight away.