How to launch your first online course (or rescue one that bombed)



Would you like to launch an online course so you can generate passive income in your business?

Perhaps you’ve tried to launch an online course/membership in the past, but things didn’t work out as you hoped?

If this sounds like you, you’ll love this online masterclass.

How to launch your first online course (or rescue one that bombed).

In it I cover:

  • How to decide on a topic for your online course
  • How to build an audience for your online course (so you actually have people to sell it to)
  • How to price your course
  • How to create a launch plan for your course (including whether you should create your course before you try to sell it)
  • How to design your course materials (including the key tools/resources you need to ‘host’ your course online)

Plus I share the common mistakes new course creators make (and how to avoid them).

If you’re looking to launch an online course in the next 12 months, this 90 minute masterclass will give you everything you need to get started, including my course creators’ checklist which sets out the exact steps you need to take to take your course from idea to launch and my own course launch strategy.

Over the past five years, I’ve launched numerous online courses and two membership communities (and helped dozens of experts do the same) so I know first hand that it takes a lot of grit and determination. So you won’t get any ‘get rich quick’ stories from me - just real, honest advice on what it takes to generate recurring income from online courses - warts and all.