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From: £274.25 every 3 months


Want to start 2021 with a killer content plan for your business?

One that sets out what kind of content you’re going to publish, when and where: on social media, on your blog/vlog (if you have one) and in your email newsletter.

#2021sorted is an online content planning masterclass that will walk you through the steps you need to create a year-long content plan for your business. 

You won’t just learn HOW to create your content plan. You’ll create it, live, in the class, 

And you’ll get support – throughout the year – to make sure you stick to it. 

#2021sorted is specifically designed for coaches, creatives and entrepreneurs who want to publish consistent content but get easily distracted and overwhelmed.

By the end of the #2021sorted event on you’ll have:

✔️A 2021 content plan for your business (so you know what you’ll be publishing where and when) 

✔️Tons of content ideas you can use to create unforgettable content in 2021 and beyond

Then, throughout 2021, you’ll get ongoing support, including:

✔️A weekly email from me with content ideas for the coming week 

✔️Quarterly group coaching calls with me to help generate ideas and keep you on track

✔️Cheat sheets, checklists and templates you can use to stay on track with your content planning – throughout the year 

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