Should you attend my content planning event 2021 Sorted?

Wondering whether you should attend my 2021 Sorted content planning event on Nov 3 & 4?

In this podcast episode (which you can also read as a blog post) I’ll tell you more about the event to help you decide and the kind of results you can expect if you attend. By the time you’ve listened to this podcast episode (or read this blog post), you should be able to make a decision whether to buy a ticket.

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While it’s tempting to start with the features of the event, I know what you’re really interested in is the potential transformation i.e. what kind of results can you expect if you attend.  So first off, I’ll give you a quick overview of the event. Then I’ll share some success stories of people who attended the event last year.

About the event

2021 Sorted is my annual content planning event for coaches, creatives and entrepreneurs. The event is taking place on November 3 & 4. The aim of the event is to take the pain out of content planning – by giving you the accountability and support to create your 2021 content plan, live at the event.

It’s also about getting inspired. Which is why the event also features talks/workshops from some of the world’s leading content creators on how to plan and create engaging content that will help you generate sales for your business.

The event – which usually takes place in person – is now in its fifth year. And while it has moved online this year, due to government restrictions on large gatherings, it’s meant we can host more speakers and more sessions (more on that later).

With over £800 of content…investing in a 2021 Sorted ticket offers insane value – and support for the WHOLE of 2021 – and not just at the event.

What kind of results can you expect from attending the event?

The number 1 reason people keep coming back to my content planning masterclass,  year after year, is because they save tons of time – by getting their content plan created for the year, in just a couple of days.

Your 2021 Sorted ticket includes both a physical and digital version of my 2021 Social Media Diary & Planner. Which is not just a pretty-looking diary. It’s a content planning tool that includes step-by-step instructions on how to create your annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily content plans…and includes templates and checklists to help you stay on track, throughout the year. PLUS hundreds of awareness days and key dates you can use to generate content ideas.

This is what hospitality expert Mark Simpson has to say about the content planning strategies I teach at 2021 Sorted and how they have helped him.


But it’s not just about saving time. Showing up more consistently with your content – content that is well-thought-out – rather than rushed out at the last minute – can make a huge difference to the bottom line of your business.

Attending last year’s Content Planning event inspired Amy Caiger to launch a podcast. She has now published 30 episodes and it’s helped her land speaking gigs, guest podcast interviews and more clients. This is what she has to say about how the event helped.

Attending last year’s event helped journalist and publicity expert Rachel Spencer launch a membership site and generate recurring income for her business – she’s on target to reach over £20k. Here’s what she had to say about how attending the event has helped her.

What’s included in your 2021 Sorted ticket?

Your 2021 Sorted ticket includes two days of training.

Day 1 (Nov 3) is all about Inspiration. You’ll hear from some of the world’s most inspiring content creators on how to create engaging content in 2021 and beyond.

Day 2 (Nov 4) is all about Implementation. This is the day when you’ll sit down and create your content plan for the coming year (I’ll literally walk you through it, step by step).

Day 1 Keynote sessions

  • How to plan, create and launch a podcast in 2021 with Colin Gray aka The Podcast Host
  • Launch a profitable online course in 2021 with Janet Murray
  • Self-publish a book in 2021 with Sacha Black
  • How to launch a membership site in 2021 with Membership Guys founder Mike Morrison
  • Launch or revive your Youtube channel in 2021 with Steve Dotto
  • How to launch a live video show with Ian Anderson Gray

Day 1 Level Up sessions

Level Up sessions are guide discussions that focus on a range of issues that impact entrepreneurs – but don’t always get the attention they need/deserve e.g. mental health,  dealing with copycats/trolls, running your business around a family & more. You’ll hear from a panel of expert speakers, then break into groups (in Zoom rooms) and talk with other delegates.

  • How to be more inclusive in your marketing:
  • Copycats, trolls and other troublemakers: dealing with the dark side of online business
  • How to run a business around your kids
  • How to look after your mental health as an entrepreneur
  • How to set healthy boundaries with customers/clients
  • How to stay focused and get things done
  • Women in podcasting
  • Women in tech

Day 2 Keynote sessions

  • How to create consistently good content in uncertain times with Janet Murray
  • How to be brilliant on video (even if you’re camera shy) with Janine Cummings
  • How to write super engaging content about your business with Jo Watson
  • Advertainment: How to create entertaining content that drives engagement & sales with Dan Knowlton

Day 2 Level Up sessions

  • Women in tech
  • Women in podcasting

And the support doesn’t stop on the day.  This year, you also get FREE membership of my 2021Sorted Club – which means you get support with your content creation and planning – throughout 2021. This includes a weekly email from me with ideas on how to use the awareness dates in the diary, four quarterly coaching calls (which will give you the accountability to make sure your content plan is in place for the following quarter) and a digital version of the diary.

What’s included in the 2021 Sorted Club?

✔️ Your 2021 Social Media Diary & Planner

✔️ A ticket for my 2021 Sorted event on Nov 3 & 4 (plus all the recordings if you can’t make that date or buy after the live event)

✔️ A digital version of the diary (both a pdf version and and file you can use to add the awareness days/key dates to your diary)

✔️ A weekly email from me with ideas on how you can use the dates in the diary to generate social media posts, blogs, newsletters etc

✔️ My Content Planning Masterclass on Thursday November 26

✔️ Four group coaching calls across the year, to keep you on track with your content creation/planning

✔️ Additional resources and templates to help with  your content planning


I’m not sure if 2021 Sorted is right for my business

If you need to plan and create engaging content about your business in 2021 and beyond, 2021 Sorted can help (and yes that does include both product and service-based businesses).

There is a full list of the types of businesses it can help on the sales page for 2021 Sorted (and examples of the types of businesses who’ve attended in the past) but the bottom line is this.

If you need to create and plan content…it will work for you/your business. The only question you need to be asking about this…will you do the work to make it all happen?

I don’t have time to attend 2021 Sorted 

Taking a couple of days out of your business to plan out your content will save hours of time in the long run. So the real question here is: do you really have time NOT to?

I’m not in the UK and some of the sessions are a bit early/late for me

That’s no problem…as you’ll get all the recordings.

I’ve tried content planning before and it didn’t work

Just because you tried something and it didn’t work, that doesn’t mean it will never work. I joined and left five gyms before I found one that suited me (and an exercise habit that stuck). And I’ve seen exactly the same thing happen with people who say that can’t do content planning.

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Podcast show notes

  • How to access the event after the date it’s broadcast (05:14)
  • What is 2021 Sorted all about and how will it help you (05:52)
  • Why 2021 Sorted is more than just content planning (07:00
  • What sort of results can you expect from attending 2021 Sorted (08:50)
  • What’s included in your 2021 Sorted ticket (and why there’s more this year) (09:40)
  • How people use my 2021 Social Media Diary & Planner (10:30)
  • How my content strategies have helped Mark Simpson (12:15)
  • How my event helped Amy Caiger become consistent and launch a podcast (15:07)
  • How Rachel Spencer’s business took off after attending my event last year (18:02)
  • How Mahmood Reza was inspired to launch an awareness day after last year’s event (22:20)
  • About the 2021 sessions are and how will it work online (24:55)
  • The 2021 Sorted Day one Keynote sessions and how they will help your business (26:54)
  • How the Keynote sessions will be broadcast live (30:01)
  • How I was inspired to choose the speakers and topics this year (31:38)
  • About the 2021 Sorted Keynote sessions of Day two (35:34)
  • How you’ll get to meet people at 2021 Sorted (37:54)
  • Why I’m gifting attendees membership of my 2021 Sorted Club this year (39:06)
  • Why 2021 Sorted will benefit ANY type of business (44:57)
  • Why attending will save you time in the long run – planning your content in one go (46:50)
  • Why you’ll have to make the commitment to implement what you learn (47:52)
  • What to do if you’re undecided (49:20)

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