Should you join Janet Murray’s Build Your Online Audience programme?

Thinking about joining my Build Your Online Audience Programme? Want to know if it’s right for you and your business?

If you’ve been considering joining then listen and discover why now is the best time to join my Build Your Online Audience programme.  

You probably have questions like:  

  • What’s new in the Build Your Online Audience programme for 2021? 
  • Will I need to pay for any other courses or memberships?
  • What kind of results can I expect if I join the programme (and how quickly?)
  • What exactly is included in the programme and how does it work?
  • Is the programme suitable for a business/brand like mine?
  • What happens if I can’t do everything in the programme?

Maybe you’re wondering how much time you will need to devote to the Build Your Online Audience programme, whether it’s suitable for your type (or stage) of business. Hint: It’s suitable for any business that needs to build an audience of followers, fans and subscribers.

Plus you can find out why my Get it Done sessions are so powerful for results and accountability.

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While it’s tempting to start with the features of the programme, I know what you’re
really interested in is the potential transformation i.e. what kind of results can you expect if you join. 

1. What kind of results can you expect if you join the Build Your Online Audience programme? 

As with anything in life you get out what you put in but here’s what some members have achieved: 

✔️ Leadership coach Blaire Palmer generated £42k in sales from one class (Science of Audience Building) Achieved within 90 days. 

✔️ Canva expert Gemma Cormack took her income from £240 a month to £3950.00 per month. She has also added 2k new Instagram followers after completing my Instagram Success Academy course. Achieved within 90 days.

✔️ Fashion consultant Trisha Sakhlecha, used our Get It Done accountability sessions to create a sequence of emails that helped her generate five coaching enquiries and three sales. Achieved within 90 days. 

✔️ Victoria Rose launched a podcast (using the podcasting course), increased her Instagram following by 180% and generated almost £1800 in sales. Achieved within 90 days 

✔️ Claire Gleave launched her Activewear company Natal Active and generated £6.5k in her first month of business (she predicted £1.2k). Also added 2k Instagram followers 

✔️ Sally Farrant worked her way through the programme and nailed her niche. Find out how this helped her build her online audience and her business in this podcast episode

But it’s not all about money…

✔️ Charlotte Foster a podcaster is taking Christmas off for the first time ever and she puts this down to my Get It Done sessions (more below)

2. Why do you need to build an online audience?

You don’t NEED to build an online audience. If you’re getting enough leads/sales online – and/or you only need a small number of clients each year and you can get them via your existing contacts – you don’t need to do anything. 

But if you want to sell one-to-many i.e. you want to sell your products/services in the hundreds and thousands. And you don’t want to have to do personal outreach for every sale,  you need an online audience. 

To put this into context, the average conversion rate for online sales is just 1-2%. Which means for every hundred people in your audience, only a handful will buy. So if you’re looking to sell at scale i.e. products, online courses, membership…you need a much bigger audience than you think you do.  

3. How much does it cost to join the Build Your Online Audience programme? 

There are two levels to the programme: Standard and Premium with the choice of a quarterly payment plan:

  • Standard Build Your Online Audience £997
  • Premium Janet Murray Experience (including 2022Sorted and my 2022 Social media Diary) £1097 *

Compare the two versions here.
If you’re listening before Jan 4 – can grab a discounted offer for 2020.

*Prices correct at time of publishing December 2020

4. What exactly IS the Build Your Online Audience programme?

The Build Your Online Audience programme is the only dedicated membership programme aimed at helping you build an online audience i.e. more fans, followers and subscribers. 

Because the more of the right kind of people you have in the audience, the easier it will be for you to make online sales. 

Key topics covered are: 

✔️ Social media marketing: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram

✔️ Content planning and creation

✔️ Content strategy (blogging, podcasting, video marketing)

✔️ Email marketing (including how to create a lead magnet and build your email list). 

We also focus on the mindset part of building your audience, with weekly group coaching sessions on relevant topics including: money mindset, productivity, motivation, goal-setting, planning and prioritisation and self-confidence.

New for 2021
Get It Done
Get It Written
Osmaan Sharif

5. What is included in the Build Your Online Audience programme? 

The standard Build Your Online Audience programme takes you through the exact steps you need to take to build your online audience – from getting clear on your niche (the all-important first step) to getting more followers on social media, building a loyal following for your blog/vlog, podcast (if you have one) and building your email list. 

SESSION 1: Nail your niche 

Find the right niche for your business (or refine the one you have) so you can become the market leader. 

SESSION 2: Developing your brand voice 

Create brand voice guidelines for your business so you never get stuck on what to say about your business (and how to say it).

SESSION 3: Creating your visual brand 

Create a visual style sheet for your business – or refresh the one you have – so people fall in love with your brand (over and over again) 

SESSION 4: Choosing your platforms 

Choose the content platforms that are right for your business (i.e. blog, YouTube, podcast, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and/or Twitter). 

SESSION 5: Creating binge worthy content 

Learn how to create content that’s more addictive than your favourite Netflix series.

SESSION 6: Unforgettable social media 

Create irresistible social media content that attracts new followers and fans – every single day. 

SESSION 7: Email marketing 101  

Get started with email list building (even if you feel daunted by the tech). 

SESSION 8: Email magnetism 

Create a compelling email lead magnet (and learn zillions of ways to get new email subscribers).

SESSION 9: Nurture and Grow 

Learn how to write compelling email marketing copy – including welcome sequences, nurture sequences and email newsletters people actually look forward to receiving. 


Also included:

✔️ Bonus classes on the key social media platforms:  Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn. PLUS a Canva masterclass. 

✔️ A weekly group coaching call featuring guest experts who focus on the ‘mindset’ side of building your online audience (monthly themes include money mindset, productivity, motivation, goal-setting, planning and prioritisation and confidence)

✔️ Facebook Community where you can get daily help/support from myself and other business owners who are committed to building their online audience 

6. What’s included in the Premium version of the programme?

All of the above PLUS: Acces to my entire advanced Masterclass Library (worth £792)  

  • How to create a coaching/consultancy package
  • How to launch your first online course
  • How to write social media posts that sell
  • How to launch your own planner/journal
  • How to turn your offline services into online offerings
  • How to launch a webinar/masterclass
  • How to create an email nurture sequence
  • How to create passive income in your business
  • How to write delightful emails 
  • How to write engaging copy for your business (Copy Fix)
  • How to get booked to speak on big stages 
  • How to create a content plan for your business 

Additional courses/classes (worth £1782)

✔️ Getting started with Pinterest

✔️ Blogging Success Formula

✔️ Instagram Success Academy 

✔️ Getting started with Facebook Ads 

✔️ Getting started with YouTube

✔️ Getting started with live video

✔️ Launching your own podcast 

✔️ Blogging Success Formula

✔️ Getting started with chatbots (NEW 2021)

✔️  Getting started with Canva for graphic design (NEW 2021)

✔️  Creating sales funnels (NEW 2021)

✔️ Private podcast stream of classes (NEW 2021)

✔️ Monthly group mindset calls with mindset coach Osmaan Sharif (NEW 2021)

BONUS course: How to create awesome sales copy (worth £497)


The Premium version also includes my popular Get It Done sessions. These focused co-working sessions where you can work with other members on a specific task/set of tasks (related to your audience building).

And NEW for 2021 Monthly Get It Written sessions.

7. Who is the Build Your Online Audience for?

The Build Your Online Audience programme is suitable for anyone who wants to build an online audience i.e. more followers, fans and subscribers. 

It’s suitable for: 

✔️ Service-based based businesses (including hospitality)

✔️ Product-based businesses

✔️ Online business

✔️ Offline businesses

✔️ New businesses

✔️ Established businesses​ 

✔️ Freelancers/sole traders

✔️ Solopreneurs/entrepreneurs

✔️ Small/Medium-sized businesses

✔️ Colleges/universities

✔️ Charities

And if you need more reassurance, here’s a list of some of the types of business owners I’ve helped with audience building: 

Glamping site owners, genealogists, costume designers, social media managers, accountants, psychologists, personal trainers, coaches/consultants, holiday cottage owners, estate agents, wedding planners, website designers, jewellery designers, artists, writers, vocal coaches, nutritionists, business coaches, universities, cake makers, hairstylists, jewellery designers.

8. Is the Build Your Online Audience programme suitable for product-based business owners?

Absolutely yes.

The audience-building strategies you use to build an audience for a product-based business are exactly the same as those you’d use for a service-based. Because a service IS a product, right? To put that into context, I use exactly the same strategies to sell a digital product like my Build Your Online Audience programme as I do a physical product like my Social Media Diary & Planner

Here is a list of some of the product-based business owners I work with: 

✔️ Hand-made jewellery

✔️ Evening dresses and gowns

✔️ Dance costumes

✔️ Face masks

✔️ Vegan handbags

✔️ Subscription boxes

✔️ Personalised baby/toddler gifts

✔️ Recipe kits

✔️ Skincare and makeup

✔️ Books/planners

✔️ Yoga wear and accessories 

✔️ Children’s clothes

✔️ Activewear for mums and mums-to-be 

I have lots of product-based business owners who can also apply to join my online Christmas Market in the first week of December.

9. Is the Build Your Online Audience programme just for beginners?

Not at all. Whether you’re new in business – or you’re looking to pivot/or create an audience for something new, the Build Your Online Audience programme can help. 

10. Is the Build Your Online Audience programme suitable for new business owners? 

Definitely. Whether you’re completely new in business – or you’re looking to pivot/or create an audience for something new, the Build Your Online Audience programme can help. 

11. What is the format of the classes?

Each class is typically around 90 minutes and includes a video tutorial and comprehensive workbook.

Many of the classes are taught live, but there is no need to worry if you can’t attend live as all the classes and resources are available in the membership area (usually within 24 hours of the class – often sooner). 

Classes are delivered via Zoom video conferencing and are generally very interactive with plenty of opportunities to ask questions and get feedback. 

 12. When is the right time to join the Build Your Online Audience programme…before I launch my new product/service or afterwards?

It’s never too early to start building your audience. And I would recommend joining BEFORE you launch your new product/service. Otherwise, who are you going to sell it to? 

13.  How quickly should you expect to see results from the Build Your Online Audience programme? 

 As with anything in your business, you get out what you put in. As the examples above show, it is possible to achieve considerable results in 90 days or less. But that does depend on the time you’ve got available to spend.

14. Can men join the Build Your Online Audience programme?

Absolutely yes. Here are some of the men who are in the programme (along with some of their results).

✔️ Historic food expert Paul Couchman has added around 1500 followers on Instagram (amongst many other things).

✔️ Accountant Mahmood Reza has launched an awareness day.

✔️ Architectural technologist Jon Clayton generated £600 of sales from Science of Audience Building

15. How much time do I need to spend?

This is down to you. I generally teach one or two classes live each week, but go at the pace that’s right for you. A minimum of 2 hours a week. Even if you only have a few hours a week, as long as you are implementing what you learn, you WILL make progress. And a few hours a week over a year is better than doing nothing at all, right?

Remember you don’t have to do everything in the programme.

Ready to join the Build Your Online Audience programme? Click here. 

Podcast shownotes:

  • The results people get from my BYOA programme (02:12)
  • How my Get it Done sessions helped Charlotte have Christmas off (04:16)
  • Why do you need to build an online audience for your business (05:10)
  • Why you need to build your audience on your own land (06:30)
  • How much does my Build Your Online Audience programme cost (09:01)
  • What’s included in my Build Your Online Audience programme (10:41)
  • How my Get it Done Sessions get results (11:50)
  • About my NEW Get it Written sessions (14:01)
  • About our NEW mindset coach for 2021 Osmaan Sharif (14:30)
  • Why you should work through the core BYOA programme (16:01)
  • About some of the core BYOA modules (18:03)
  • About the email marketing sequences you’ll learn (20:07)
  • Why success in the membership isn’t doing every single class (22:14)
  • Why there’s always a replay of everything (24:20)
  • About my new private podcast stream (24:50)
  • Why you won’t need any other courses if you join my programme (25:50)
  • About the masterclasses that are included in the programme (27:03)
  • Why my Build Your Online Audience programme is suitable for any business (28:30)
  • Why it’s suitable for product-based businesses as well as service-based (29:50)
  • Why it’s suitable for any age business whether old or new (33:40)
  • Why you should join before you launch a new product or service (35:31)
  • Why men can join Build Your Online Audience (37:15)
  • Why any progress is better than no progress (38:01)
  • Why I’m really visible in the Build Your Online Audience programme (39:41)


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