[315] How to create a brand statement (and why you need to) with J. Nichole Smith

Hear the tables being turned in this surprisingly revealing episode, as J. Nichole Smith, a branding expert, challenges me on my brand statement and what language I should be using to have a more impactful message. Nichole also shares some of the fears that are holding people back from creating a successful brand as well... READ MORE

[149] How to define your personal brand with Jennifer Holloway

In this episode, Jennifer Holloway shares her advice on how to define your personal brand - particularly if you feel uncomfortable with the idea of promoting your business. Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode: Jennifer’s business story - from PR to running her own personal branding business Why the best brands convey the ‘what’... READ MORE

[105] How to build a memorable personal brand with Phil Pallen

  'Who are you and why should we care?' A question brand strategist Phil Pallen believes every business owner should be able to answer. In this episode, he shares his tips on creating a memorable brand. Here’s what you’ll learn: Phil's business story: from getting fired by Charlie Sheen to successful branding strategist   Why... READ MORE

[087] How photography can help you create a memorable brand with Julie Christie

If you want to make an impact online, great photography is vital. But when should you commission professional photography and when should you DIY? How do you find a great photographer? And how much should you expect to pay for their services? In this episode, photographer Julie Christie explains all. Here’s what's covered in this episode:... READ MORE

[042] How to become a go-to person

  Would you like to be THE person journalists call if a story breaks in your sector or industry? Would you like to get business referrals every single day? Would you like to get high-profile speaking opportunities? Yes? You need to become a 'go-to' person. Here’s what I cover in this episode: How being a... READ MORE

[036] Give your brand a spring clean

Do you hate sending people to your website because you feel it's outdated? Do you apologise when you give out your business card because you're embarrassed about the design ? Do you cringe at the copy on your social media profiles ? And let’s not even get started on those old photos... If you've answered 'yes' to... READ MORE

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