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[316] How I chose my business coach (and how to choose yours)

Do you want your business to accelerate in 2019?  Maybe you’ve considered joining a mastermind group or hiring a business coach but don’t know where to start? In this episode I share my five top tips on how to hire a business coach and how working with a business coach has helped transform my business.... READ MORE

[201] How to find your niche (and why you need to) with Alexia Leachman

People love working with specialists, so if you want to attract more customers and clients, you need to get clear on your niche. In this episode, Alexia Leachman - who was the first ever guest on the Soulful PR podcast - explains how finding her niche as a fear-free birth coach has helped grow her... READ MORE

[115] How to make sexy systems

In just a few years, Tony Brown went from working 18 hours a day as a freelance consultant to being able to run his business remotely while travelling round Jamaica for eight weeks with his family. In this episode, he shares how he made this possible by creating systems to document key processes within his... READ MORE

[113] How to write non-spammy marketing emails

If you want to build a profitable business, email marketing is a must. But what should you write in your email copy? And can you ensure people actually read it? In this episode, business coach Nadia Finer shares her tips on crafting email marketing copy that people want to read. Here’s what you’ll learn in... READ MORE

[109] How to sell without being pushy with James Schramko

James Schramko went from a sales job at Mercedes-Benz to a coaching business helping online entrepreneurs create profitable businesses that fit with their lifestyle. In this episode, he shares his ideas and tips on how to connect with your customers, so that you can sell your products and services before you have even created them.... READ MORE

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