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[316] How I chose my business coach (and how to choose yours)

Do you want your business to accelerate in 2019?  Maybe you’ve considered joining a mastermind group or hiring a business coach but don’t know where to start? In this episode I share my five top tips on how to hire a business coach and how working with a business coach has helped transform my business.... READ MORE

[284] How to track the numbers in your business with Jessica Rose

I started every client consultation by saying: 'let's talk about your monthly income and annual income goals.' You'd be amazed how many business owners say they don't have any. In this episode, I talk to jewellery school owner Jessica Rose about the importance of tracking the numbers in your business - and how doing just... READ MORE

[270] On-Air Coaching: How do I scale my business - fast?

Training others to deliver your services - or sell your products - is one of the quickest ways to scale your business. But when is the best time to expand? How do you build up your customer base base in other towns and cities? And what are the pitfalls of scaling your business - and... READ MORE

How to make more money in your small business

Do you feel like you’re not making enough money in your business? Here’s six common reasons small business owners like you aren’t making enough cash and what to do about it. 1. Undercharging If you’re not making enough in your business, the quickest way to remedy that is putting up your prices. Start by raising... READ MORE

[217] How to find your entrepreneurial superpower with Osmaan Sharif

Unlocking your entrepreneurial superpower could help you to choose the right growth strategy for your business. In this episode, business coach Osmaan Sharif explains how he uses the eight different personality types to help business owners play to their strengths. Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode: How business coach  Osmaan Sharif went from Human... READ MORE

[197] How to build a thriving online community with Emily Quinton from Makelight

Building a community online takes time and it can have a big impact on your bottom line - if you’re prepared to play the long game. In this episode, Makelight founder Emily Quinton shares practical tips and ideas for building an online community. Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode: How Emily shifted from wedding... READ MORE

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