[327] Why I’m closing my 13.5k Facebook group (and other changes I’m making in 2019)

If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know that my large Facebook group (with over 13.5k members) has been a huge part of growing my business in the last four years.  Want to know why I’m shutting it down?  Listen to this podcast to find out, PLUS other big changes I’ll be making... READ MORE

[283] How meet ups can help you make sales in your business

I’ve recently started running pop-up meet ups in town and cities where I’m speaking/working. It’s helped me make a deeper connection with existing clients and generate 3.5k of new business (in a matter of weeks). In this episode, I share why meet ups are now part of my marketing strategy - along with practical tips... READ MORE

[280] How to build your virtual dream team with Mandy Hamerla

If you want to grow your business, hiring a team is essential. But when is the right time to hire your first team member(s) and where should you be looking? How much should you expect to pay? And what happens if you make a hiring mistake? Mandy Hamerla is an HR expert who helps small... READ MORE

[270] On-Air Coaching: How do I scale my business - fast?

Training others to deliver your services - or sell your products - is one of the quickest ways to scale your business. But when is the best time to expand? How do you build up your customer base base in other towns and cities? And what are the pitfalls of scaling your business - and... READ MORE

[269] Deciding what to sell (at any stage of your business)

If you run your own business you have to make decisions about what to sell. If you’re right at the start of your journey, this might be about working out your very first offer or product range. If you’re further along, it might be about deciding whether or not to introduce a new product or... READ MORE

[261] How to survive your first five years in business with Mike Kawula

Mike Kawula, author and serial entrepreneur, has taken three businesses from zero to seven figures in the first 36 months.  In this podcast episode he shares practical steps you can take to ensure your business thrives in the first five years. Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode: Mike’s business story (3:20) Why everything doesn’t... READ MORE

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