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[324] How to stop talking about video and actually do it with Dan Knowlton

In this special edition of my podcast, I share a brilliant session from my recent event, Content Live, in which Dan Knowlton, a digital marketing expert, shares practical tips and strategies on how you can use video in your business to attract and convert more customers. Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode: Why video... READ MORE

[318] How to ace your content strategy in 2019 (review of Content Live)

Are you looking to ace your content strategy next year and get 2019 sorted?  Listen to this special review episode where I share some of the biggest takeaways from my recent live event, Content Live, including practical tips and strategies on how you can plan and create engaging content in 2019. Here’s what you’ll learn... READ MORE

Review of Content Live 2018

Attending a live event or workshop can be a game-changing experience. Connecting with other like-minded business owners, and taking a break from your regular everyday routine, can leave you feeling motivated and buzzing with inspiration and ideas for your business. But with so much valuable content being shared, it may also leave you feeling slightly... READ MORE

How I chose the speakers for Content Live 2018

If you’re thinking of coming along to Content Live  you may want to know more about the speakers - and how I chose them. A quick bit of background: Content Live is my annual content planning masterclass for entrepreneurs and creatives on 15 & 16  November 2018. It’s your chance to meet some of the UK’s most inspiring content creators... READ MORE

[293] Should you use scarcity in your marketing?

Do you think scarcity marketing is spammy? Is it something you’ve been too afraid to try in case it puts off prospective customers/clients? In this episode, I explain how I use scarcity marketing in my own business and why - far from being spammy/selly - using scarcity in your marketing can help you give your... READ MORE

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