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How to get the most out of your 2020 Social Media Diary & Planner


Investing in the 2020 Social Media Diary & Planner is a great way to save time and money on your content planning and creation - and ensure you never run out of ideas.

The diary is jam-packed with awareness days and key dates you can use to plan out your media content across the year. Not only will this save you time (no more trawling the web for inspiration for blog articles, social media updates or ideas to pitch into the press), it will also make it easier for you to produce content in batches and repurpose your content.

But when you’re running a business single-handed - or even in a small team -  it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. And when things get really busy, content planning and creation can end up slipping further and further down your to-do list.

With that in mind, here’s a guide to making the most of your 2020 Social Media Diary & Planner. 

1.Set up a dedicated email folder for the 2020 Media Diary 

Redirect any mail relating to the 2020 Social Media Diary & Planner into the folder, so you can find emails easily (we’ll email every you month with new dates to add to your diary).

While you’re at it, do whitelist my email address (i.e. add it to a safe list of emails) to ensure they don’t end up in spam. The method for doing this will vary according to your email provider, but if you Google ‘how to whitelist an address with [INSERT NAME OF EMAIL PROVIDER]’ you can easily find instructions.

N.B. If you use a different email address for PayPal, that’s the one we’ll have on file for you associated with your diary purchase, so let us know which address you’d like us to use to keep in touch with you.  

2.Bookmark the Media Diary Owners' Club membership site (if applicable)

If you’ve also joined the Media Diary Owners’ Club bookmark the URL for the membership is (this is where you’ll be able to access the digital resources when they're available). Please bookmark this.

We will also email you dates of our four quarterly coaching calls as soon as these are available. Add these to your diary (a replay will be available, but it’s always better to attend live if you can).

If you've purchased your 2020 Social Media Diary & Planner but didn't join the Media Diary Owners Club, you can upgrade to add the membership here.


3.Schedule time to create your content plan

Block out half a day (or at least a couple of hours) for an initial planning session with your diary. Take some time away from your usual place of work if you can - ideally somewhere where you feel relaxed e.g. a favourite cafe or hotel lobby. If you try to do it in fits and starts, not only will it take you longer, you’ll struggle to get into that creative zone where your ideas are flowing (which is exactly where you need to be).

Your diary includes detailed instructions on how to personalise your media planning (i.e. selecting which awareness days/key dates to add) and create yearly, quarterly and weekly content plans. But do remember that your media diary is not a static document (you should be adding dates to it throughout the year).

4.Schedule regular time for planning and content creation

I wish I could tell you there was a magic solution to your content challenge. But while the 2020 Media Diary is a fantastic resource, it is not a magic solution. You do need to put in the work.

That means setting aside a good half-day, with no interruptions, to mark up your media diary for the year and creating quarterly, monthly and weekly plans. Ideally you should be working on your weekly plans at last a couple of weeks ahead, so block out time in your diary to do this (ideally at the same time each week).

You’ll also need to set aside regular time for content creation. I’ve created dozens of podcast episodes on how to create engaging, shareable content, including how to write social media posts that sell. 

Follow the steps I lay out for you and you’ll publish much better quality content in 2020 than you could have imagined (and you’ll do it more regularly).  

But if you miss steps out - particularly in this all-important planning stage - then you’ll be right back where you started in no time. And I don’t want to sound all schoolmarmish...but I don’t want to have to say ‘I told you so’.

5.At the same time, be realistic

It takes at least a year of consistent work to build an audience and create a content strategy that really works for your business. So set realistic goals, be kind to yourself and try not to compare yourself unfavourably to others.

In my experience, ‘comparisonitis’ is the biggest threat to your business success. Comparing yourself to others you perceive as more successful is not helpful: they may be further on in their journey, have more money and resources at their disposal, be working in a completely different industry...the variables are endless. Focus on your own content, on your own improvement and get there in your own time.

6.Ask if you need help

If you’re stuck on something, please don’t struggle in silence. If you’re a member of my Build Your Online Audience Programme, post your challenge in the Facebook group, tag me in and I’ll jump in and give you some help. You’ll also get support and advice from other members, which can be invaluable. My assistant Jo-Anna Francis is also on hand to help, so tag her in too (in fact you’ll probably get a speedier response). If you’re not a member, drop us a line on [email protected]

If you're reading this and haven't yet bought your 2020 Social Media Diary & Planner or joined the Media Diary Owners' Club, then you can find out more here and grab your copy of the diary.


Need An Editorial Calendar Template For Your 2020 Marketing Strategy? (Hint: The 2020 Diary Is It!)

You know you need to be more consistent with your content but you’re struggling to get into a rhythm. And you often struggle to come up with ideas for social media updates and for your blog/vlog and email newsletter.

Sound familiar?

I’ve struggled with this in the past too. I’ll admit I’m not the most organised person in the world but I’m very productive, publishing hundreds of podcasts, blogs and social media posts every year, and rarely missing a deadline.

So what changed? I put systems in place to help with content planning. I now know exactly what I’ll be publishing, where, when and – most importantly – why.

This is what led me to create the 2020 Social Media Diary & Planner , an A4 desk diary designed to help you hit your content goals – not just for a few weeks, but for an entire year. The diary takes you through your annual, quarterly, weekly and daily planning with the help of templates, planners and hundreds of key dates and awareness days to inspire your content. Read: How the 2020 Media Diary Can Help You Create 52 Weeks of Content.

Just as it has for me, the 2020 Social Media Diary & Planner will save you time on your content planning and creation, and give you tons of content ideas for the coming year, allowing you to create multiple pieces of content from a single blog post, video or podcast.

If you prefer a little more support, guidance and accountability to stay focused and on track, the Media Diary Owners’ Club is ideal. Read more about the difference between the 2020 Social Media Diary & Planner and the Media Diary Owners’ Club.

Here’s how to use the 2020 Social Media Diary & Planner to create your 2020 editorial calendar. 

Create your annual content plan

Start by blocking off some time, undisturbed, to take a longer-term, broad look at the whole of 2020.

Whilst you won’t know exactly what’s happening every week - or even every month - there will be some key business activities you have planned at various points throughout the year.

Next, list two to three things that are happening within your business in each quarter of the year. If you run an online shop it might be that you already know which time/s of the year you’ll be running sales so you can plot those in. If you have stands at expos you can put in the dates of the events you’ll be exhibiting. Or maybe you run your own live events and/or are a speaker and already have some dates booked in.

There’s a handy planning sheet in the diary to help with this and if you’re in the Media Diary Owners’ Club it’s available as a printable.

Next, look at what’s happening in the wider world and in your industry as a whole.

Pick two or three awareness dates per quarter that are relevant or could be connected in some way to you and your business.

Plot these in the diary and use them as inspiration for content. In the 2020 Social Media Diary & Planner we’ve included hundreds of key dates connected with sport, food and health and so much more.

For example, if you have a pet business, you might want to create some timely content around Crufts dog show in March. If you design clothes or accessories, you could create some content around London Fashion Week in January. And if you run a food business, you might plan some content around National Doughnut day in June.

Create your quarterly plan

Now that you’ve formed an overview of your year, it’s time to focus in on each individual quarter. If you struggle to work on all four quarters in one go, I'd suggest starting with Q1 and making a note in your diary to work on Q2 in a few weeks’ time.

If you want your content plan to be manageable, it’s best to plan one piece of cornerstone content for each week. This one key piece of content (whether it’s a video, blog or podcast episode) can then be broken down into multiple pieces of repurposed content for each day of the week. This means you’ll only need 12 ideas for each quarter. Sounds more manageable already, right?

Plot these pieces across the weeks of your quarter/s, based on your business activities and the key dates and awareness days you’ve chosen to focus on so your content will be timely and engaging.

Plan your weekly content

Now it’s time to zoom in even closer in on 2020 and look at each individual week.

Take each piece of content you’ve planned for each week, and work out how you can break it down in several smaller pieces of content. This is the beauty of repurposing. A video can become a blog, you can strip the audio from it and put it out on your podcast or you can work with a graphic designer or use a tool like Canva to create some eye-catching images based on key points and quotes from the video.

Content repurposing - combined with a creative mindset - will make every piece of content work harder for you and your business. You’ll no longer be stuck for fresh ideas for content when you’ve got this content repurposing plan in place.

Schedule your daily content

This is where you plan the detail of what content is going to go out on which platforms each day.

The 2020 Social Media Diary & Planner contains a planning template for each week where you can jot down the content you plan to publish on all of your channels.

I recommend using a tool such as Buffer or Hootsuite to get your content written out and scheduled in advanced, which will take away the day-to-day pressure.

If you want to make 2019 the year that your content really starts working for you, drawing in business and converting sales, then the 2020 Social Media Diary & Planner is what you need. If you like the idea of more support and accountability, as well as further advice on how to use the diary, we’d be delighted to give you that in the Media Diary Owners’ Club.

Nine reasons to attend #2020 Sorted

Taking time out from your business to attend a conference or workshop is good for you. You develop new ideas, learning and relationships that can have a big impact on the bottom line of your business.

But deciding which conferences and workshops to attend can be a challenge. Not only is there the price of your ticket to consider, you may also need to think about travel, accommodation, food – and time spent away from your business.

A quick bit of background: #2020 Sorted is a live content planning masterclass that will walk you through the steps you need to create a year-long content plan for your business.

It’s specifically designed for coaches, creatives and entrepreneurs who want to publish consistent content but get easily distracted and overwhelmed (it takes one to know one)

Included with your ticket will be your 2020 Media Diary, packed full of awareness days and key dates you can use to plan out your content across the year. No more trawling the web for inspiration for blog articles, social media updates or ideas for your email marketing.

Here’s nine reasons to attend #2020 Sorted in Northampton on 14 and 15 November 2019. 

1.You’ll learn how to put together an annual content plan for you business (saving you time and money)

If you’ve ever found yourself struggling for ideas to post social media, on your blog/vlog  or in your email newsletter (if you have one) this is the event for you. You’ll learn how to use key dates/awareness days - alongside your own launches and busy periods - to plan your content up to a year in advance. 

If you opt to stay on for the VIP mastermind session, you’ll get personalised feedback on content strategy from me and the other speakers.

2.You’ll get inspiration for content (you’ll never run out of ideas again)

You’ll learn new approaches to content creation e.g. themed months, seasons and series that will help you generate ideas you can adapt for different purposes e..g blog/vlog, email marketing, social media. You’ll be full of ideas when you leave (and they’ll just keep coming).

3. You’ll get to learn from the best

You’ll hear from some of the world’s leading content marketing experts. You’ll also hear from six inspiring content creators who are making their mark on a specific platform, including Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook. are (all current former clients and/or members of my team).  There’s no fluff at a Janet Murray event. All of our speakers will share practical advice you can apply in your business straight away. 

Learn how I chose the speakers for #2020 Sorted

4.You’ll find out how to create multiple pieces of content from one idea

You’ll learn about content stacking i.e. taking one idea and turning it to multiple pieces of content e.g. blog post, social media update, video, presentation, infographic. Making each piece of content go further will save you tons of time and energy in the long run.

5.You’ll learn how to plan content ahead of a launch 

You’ll learn how to plan content ahead of the launch of a new product or service. You’ll get checklists of the key pieces of content you should create for each launch e.g. blogs/vlogs, marketing emails, social media updates, images and infographics - along with guidance on how long each launch period should be.

6.You’ll learn how to create a content promotion strategy

You’ll learn the exact steps you should take every time you publish a new piece of content to get the maximum return on investment. You’ll also learn about social media scheduling and management tools to help save time. 

7.You’ll learn how to generate content ideas from topical news stories

Planning ahead is great, but it’s good to plan for spontaneity too. You’ll learn how to ‘piggyback’ on topical news stories to create timely content for your blog/vlog, email newsletter, social media updates and to pitch into the press (including how to execute your ideas quickly, which is crucial).

8. You’ll be learning with like-minded business owners 

Not only will you come away from the event full of ideas and ready to create your content plan for 2020, you’ll also make new friends and meet people you may want to collaborate with in the future. Most delegates will be staying at the venue, so you can continue conversations beyond the more formal parts of the day. 

9. You’ll have a lot of fun

It sounds corny...but I believe the best learning happens when you’re having fun. Which is why we arrange plenty of social events (drinks, dinners, cocktails etc) during the two-day event.  Find out what it's like to attend a Janet Murray event.

Want to attend my annual content planning masterclass #2020 Sorted on 14 and 15 November 2019? You can book your ticket here.

How I chose the speakers for #2020 Sorted

If you’re thinking of coming along to my annual content planning masterclass #2020 Sorted you may want to know more about the speakers – and how I chose them.

A quick bit of background: #2020 Sorted is a live content planning masterclass that will walk you through the steps you need to create a year-long content plan for your business.

It’s specifically designed for coaches, creatives and entrepreneurs who want to publish consistent content but get easily distracted and overwhelmed (it takes one to know one!).

Included with your ticket will be your 2020 Media Diary, packed full of awareness days and key dates you can use to plan out your content across the year. No more trawling the web for inspiration for blog articles, social media updates or ideas for your email marketing.

Day 1 is all about inspiration. We’ll start by going deep on what kind of content you should be creating for your business - so you can maximise your time, get more engagement and, ultimately, make more sales.

On Day 2, we’ll create your content plan for 2020. I’ll break it down step-by-step: annual, quarterly, weekly and daily, so it feels manageable. You’ll leave full of ideas for your content in 2020 and (if you follow all the steps) with a full-on content plan for 2020.

During the two-day event, you’ll hear from some of the world’s leading content marketing experts. You’ll also hear from six inspiring content creators who are making their mark on a specific platform, including Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook (and they're all current or former clients and/or members of my team).  There’s no fluff at a Janet Murray event (you can find out more about what you can expect at a Janet Murray event here). All of our speakers will share practical advice you can apply in your business straight away. 

Headline speakers 

Janet Murray (that’s me)

I’m a content marketing expert, author and international speaker who has managed to build a multiple six-figure business with multiple streams of income (including a membership community, online courses and books/publications) - despite being one of the most disorganised people on the planet.

Over the past few years I’ve published hundreds of podcast episodes and blog posts - but never missed a deadline. I put my unlikely success down to creating easy-to-follow systems and processes for content planning (that work for people with low attention-spans like me). And that’s exactly what I’ll share with you live, in the class.

I’m also the creator of the Media Diary - an A4 desk diary you can use to plan out your content for the coming year. It’s jam-packed with key dates and awareness days that will ensure you never run out of content ideas again. And if you come along to #2020 Sorted, you’ll be one of the first to get your hands on my 2020 Social Media Diary and Planner. 

Natalie Lue

Natalie Lue is the founder of Baggage Reclaim - an online resource that helps people clear their emotional baggage and increase their self-worth. Over the past decade, she has built a profitable business selling digital products including books, courses, events and a membership community. I first ‘met’ Natalie back when I invited her to be a guest on podcast having stumbled across her blog online and we’ve stayed in touch ever since. She’ll be talking about how to create blog content that will help you make sales in your business. 

Listen to my podcast episode with Natalie Lue on how to turn your blog into a business

Bella Vasta

Bella Vasta is an authority on building Facebook groups and the host of a long-standing podcast: Bella In Your Business. Bella specialises in helping pet business owners scale their business (having founded her own award-winning pet sitting business) but  is brilliant on all aspects of content marketing. She also speaks all over the world about online business and marketing. I first met Bella in a bar in San Diego at Social Media Marketing World (she spoke there in 2019 and is due to speak there again in 2020). But it was hearing her interview with Michael Stelzner on the Social Media Marketing podcast that made me invite her to speak at #2020 Sorted. She’ll be speaking about what kind of content you should be creating in 2020 to build your online community. She’s travelling all the way from Phoenix, Arizona to speak at #2020Sorted, so I hope you’ll make her welcome.

Listen to my podcast interview with Bella Vasta on how to turn your Facebook group from ghost town to garden party. 

Rob and Kennedy 

Rob (a hypnotist) and Kennedy (a mind reader) teach other entertainers how to get fully booked. They’re also the founders of Response Suite - an online tool that helps you make more sales from every single email subscriber (which means you don’t need a massive list to make decent cash). I first met Kennedy on LinkedIn, after he snared me with his awesome social stalking strategy, introduced me to Rob and persuaded me to give Response Suite a go. These guys will be helping you plan engaging email content that will help you generate more income in your business in 2021. 

Listen to my podcast episode with Rob and Kennedy on: how to use surveys to increase your online sales. 

Andrew and Pete 

I first met Andrew and Pete at a Seth Godin event in London a few years’ back. Since then, I’ve shared a stage with them at numerous events including CMA Live & Social Day and they’ve become two of my favourite business besties. Andrew and Pete have spoken all over the world about content marketing, including Social Media Marketing World, Content Marketing World and the Youpreneur Summit. They have a talent for creating entertaining content that looks spontaneous and off-the-cuff but is actually highly-planned and polished. They are also tremendous fun, so I can’t wait for you to meet them. 

Spotlight Speakers 

With the exception of Hannah Otto (who used to be part of my content creation team), all of the spotlight speakers are current/former members of my Build Your Audience membership programme (formerly the Love Marketing membership). 

Janine Coombes

Janine helps small businesses with their marketing. Over the past year or so, Janine has built a loyal online following by creating engaging video content on LinkedIn. She’ll be talking about how focusing on ONE social media platform could be the key to your business success in 2020. 

Jennifer Hamley

When luxury handbag company founder Jennifer Hamley hit rock bottom in her business, she came up with an innovative rescue plan: hosting a Facebook live sale. Not only did she generate £12k in just seven days, she discovered a fun way to promote her business. She’ll be sharing her tips on hosting Facebook Live sales in your business in 2020 and beyond (and yes it’s not just for product-based business). 

Sarah Mulcare

Former management consultant Sarah Mulcare helps businesses and brands generate leads and sales through Facebook messenger chatbots. She’ll be talking about why you should consider using chatbots in your marketing in 2020 (plus how to get started).

Hannah Otto 

When Hannah Otto bought a house that needed renovation, she decided to document her journey on a blog and on Instagram. Two years on, she’s heading for 9k followers on Instagram and generating income from working with household brands...all while bringing up small children and, in her own words, attempting to ‘wife a husband’. She’ll be sharing her wisdom on growing your following on Instagram (including what to post, when to post, how to use hashtags, making the most of Instagram Stories) and tons of other useful stuff).

Catherine Gladwyn 

Over the past 18 months, Virtual Assistant Catherine Gladwyn has taken her email list from zero to 1k. This has enabled her to sell hundreds of copies of her book How To be a VA, launch a membership community and 4x her income. She’ll be sharing the strategies she used to get her first 1k email subscribers. 

Kerry Jordan

In 2017, Kerry Jordan attended my content planning masterclass. As she was looking at the awareness days in my Media Diary, she found herself wondering if she could set up her own. So that’s exactly what she did. For the past two years, #nationaldogphotographyday has trended on Twitter. She’ll be sharing her advice on how you can set up an awareness day of your own (and how it could help your business).

Want to attend my annual content planning masterclass #2020 Sorted on 14 and 15 November 2019? You can book your ticket here. 

[344] How to build your audience through a Facebook group

Is your Facebook group taking up all your time but not making you any sales in your business?

In this episode, I talk to Gordon Burcham, Martial Arts School Owner and Multi World Kickboxing Champion about how he is generating a six figure income from a Facebook group. He also shares the remarkable story of how he bounced back - and turned around his business - after losing his home, 12 years ago.

{Click on the player above to listen to the podcast episode and/or read on for a detailed overview. Scroll down to the bottom to read the show notes including all the links mentioned in this episode}.


The importance of perseverance in business

Today, as well as a hugely successful Facebook group, Gordon runs a 400 plus member martial arts school, but he and his family have overcome significant hurdles to achieve this success. Twelve years ago he lost his house while trying to build his business: “I was an instructor but I didn't understand business. I was just throwing money at advertising and didn't really know what I was doing,” he recalls.

Despite struggling to feed his family on £25 a week, he borrowed money and sold his possessions to invest £3,000 a month in a business coach. In less than 90 days, he was generating £10k a month in his business.

Turning his business around meant weeks of 16 hour days, when he and his wife walked the streets, pushing leaflets through peoples’ doors.

But Gordon believes many business owners aren’t prepared to put in this kind of  perseverance. “Most people don't want to do the hard work,” he says. “They’re lazy marketers and they're lazy in their business. They're not willing to do what it takes. I'll just do more than the other people are willing to do.”

How changing his marketing strategy helped Gordon turn his business around

When Gordon looked at why his business was failing he realised that by trying to market his martial arts classes to everyone, he wasn’t appealing to anyone. So he started to niche down the programmes he offered.

He began to target specific demographics - starting a ‘ladies only programme, for example and creating leaflets and landing pages specifically designed to appeal to women.”

And instead of relying on one or two marketing strategies to generate sales, he introduced a marketing mix. And when he started to use a combination of online and offline marketing activities e.g. leaflets, emails, networking and referral marketing, his business really started to take off.

The power of mentors/coaches

Gordon believes that investing in business coaching has helped him accelerate his business success by around 10 years. But many business owners aren’t prepared to invest in themselves, he says.

Too many people tell themselves they don’t need a coach because they’ve read all the books and done all the courses. But knowing and implementing are two completely different things. And many business owners need to hear the same information, over and over, in different ways, before it really sinks in.

“Repetition is so important,” he says. “You need to hear the same information from your coach and you need to hear it in different ways. And you have to repeat it enough for it to sink from your conscious to your subconscious mind.”

(Listen to episode 257: Do you need to pay to play for more information on why investing in yourself is vital for your business.)

How to harness the power of live video

Live video is now a huge part of Gordon’s marketing strategy. “It is so powerful because it creates a deeper connection between you and your audience,” he says.

He repurposes his Facebook Live videos by downloading them and getting transcriptions from  (Affiliate Link) and turning them into blog posts. This content now forms the basis of a membership site,  for which he charges £47 + VAT per month - meaning he is truly leveraging the time spent recording those Facebook Live videos.

Gordon understands that many people are nervous about going live on Facebook and admits it’s taken him a long time to do it with confidence. “When people see me on stage, I'm very out there, very dramatic and I've got a lot of energy. But I've taught myself to do that. It's not natural,” he says.

How Gordon has built a profitable Facebook group

The Martial Arts Mastery is an extremely successful Facebook group turning over a quarter of a million pounds despite having only 1,400 members.

Gordon explains that the key to his Facebook group’s success is that it’s very niche (only martial arts school owners from the UK are allowed to join).

There are several things that Gordon does to encourage engagement in the group. These include:

  • Welcoming new members as soon as they join the group
  • Posting daily content in the group
  • Going live inside the group at least once a day
  • Asking for likes and comments on his Facebook Live broadcasts
  • Running regular competitions inside the group
  • Asking members to share their opinions on martial arts related topics (and not being afraid of being controversial)
  • Checking your stats and only posting within the optimum time slot

(Listen to episode 265 for tips on how to get more engagement in your Facebook group.)

He is not afraid to make paid offers to the group because he is providing free valuable content on a daily basis. If you’re adding value, you’ve “earned the right to sell.” he says.  And in the early days he offered free coaching in exchange for testimonials. In fact he still does this now - all he asks is that members share their successes in the Facebook group.


Podcast show notes:

  • Gordon’s business story (4:55)
  • Why you need to niche down who you’re targeting (13:05)
  • Why persistence pays off and you need to work through the fear (16:04)
  • How to grow your Facebook group and keep your audience engaged (26:25)
  • How to structure your time to create content for your Facebook group (33:38)
  • Why you need to invest in training - and then put it into practice! (39:35)
  • How to sell in your Facebook group (44:10)


Gordon’s website

Gordon on Facebook and LinkedIn (Affiliate Link)

Episode 327: Why I’m closing my 13.5k Facebook group

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How I chose the speakers for Build Your Audience Live

If you’re thinking of coming along to Build Your Audience Live you may want to know more about the speakers – and how I chose them.

A quick bit of background: At Build Your Audience Live you’ll get to meet some of the world’s most inspiring marketing experts – all of whom have built a large online audience on a particular platform (or several). And you won’t just get to meet them…you’ll get to hang out with them for the full two day event.

We keep the event deliberately small (80 delegates max) so you can chat to them over, coffee, lunch, dinner – and during our dedicated table talks where you can get personalised advice on how to promote your business. Topics include: video marketing, podcasting, social media strategy, Pinterest marketing, traffic generation, Facebook ads, Instagram marketing, content strategy, SEO & traffic generation, Twitter marketing & more.

There’s absolutely NO queuing at the side of the stage for a selfie…these guys are all yours for the ENTIRE two days.

Janet Murray (that’s me)

In 2015, I was a journalist with a blog about how to get featured in the press. Today I’m a content marketing expert, author, podcaster and speaker who speaks all over the world about building online audiences. I run my business from home, generating income from a membership community, mastermind groups, online courses and related products. I’m passionate about helping entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants build online audiences because I know it’s the quickest route to making a decent income (without having to trade time for money). I also know how hard it can be, which is why I’ve created this event to help you build, grow and scale your audience.

Ian Anderson Gray

I first met Ian when we were both speaking at New Media Europe back in 2016. Since then I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with him at various marketing conferences, including Social Media Marketing World in San Diego where he has spoken for the last four years. You may also have spotted me taking part in Ian’s fab Christmas Carol Of The Day project and virtual choir. Ian - who is also a singing teacher - is an expert in live video confidence, but is also a successful blogger whose popular posts receive over 2m views a year - meaning there is tons for you to pick his brain about at Build Your Audience Live. Ian is great fun and I can’t wait for you to meet him.

You can listen to our podcast interview here. 

May King Tsang

I first met May King when she attended one of my live events Media Influence Live.  I was impressed with her social media coverage of the event - particularly her live tweeting - which really put her on my radar. May King has live tweeted for events all over the world. She now specialises in social media FOMO* creation for live events offering live social media coverage that creates a buzz around the event and recently worked on Atomicon 2019. As well as speaking at Build Your Audience Live, May King will be delivering her FOMO* creation watch and learn people!

*Fear of missing out


Jeff Sieh

I first heard of Jeff when I was looking for Pinterest advice and came across his podcast The Manly Pinterest Podcast. I invited him to be a guest on my show and recently had the pleasure of hanging out with him in Nashville, where I was speaking at the Tribe conference (in fact he took it upon himself to be my personal photographer/videographer).  Jeff, who is based in Texas, is a regular speaker at Social Media Marketing World (in fact he’s part of the Social Media Examiner) team. I’m so excited for Jeff to share his Pinterest tips with you, but also his wisdom on developing a strong niche. It’s his first time visiting the UK, so I can’t wait to introduce him to you. 

You can listen to our podcast interview here.

Jessica Dante

Jess has built up an 88k following for her YouTube Channel Love & London - an online travel guide for visitors to London. This has helped her build an email list and generate income through the sale of her travel guides and partnership with brands. I can’t wait for her to share her tips with you on growing and monetising your YouTube channel. Even if you don’t have a YouTube channel  yet - I know you’ll get tons of inspiration from her on what kind of content you should be creating to attract your ideal clients, growing an audience for your blog/vlog and monetising your content. She is also one of the most approachable experts I know. 

You can listen to our podcast interview here

Colin Gray

I first met Colin back in 2015 at New Media Europe. Since then, we’ve gone on to share a stage at numerous events together, including the Youpreneur Summit in London, CMA Live in Edinburgh and Inbound in Boston.  Colin, aka The Podcast Host, is an authority on all things podcasting.  He’s also a successful blogger, whose blog gets 2.5m visits a year, app developer and is brilliant on time management and productivity. Colin is one of the nicest guys I know and I can’t wait for you to meet him. 

You can listen to our podcast interview here.

Kirsty Merrett

I discovered blogger Kirsty Merrett (aka @labelsforlunch) on Instagram when I was looking for interesting accounts to follow. I loved the content she was sharing on shopping, fashion, beauty and interiors and was intrigued by how she was working with brands. I’m excited to introduce her to you so she can share her tips on creating a beautiful-looking Instagram feed, compelling Instagram stories and how to find your ideal clients/brands to work with on Instagram.

Find out more about Kirsty here.

Gavin Bell

I first met Facebook ads specialist Gavin at CMA Live in Edinburgh and have had the pleasure of hanging out with him at various marketing events. Gavin is one of the UK’s leading experts on Facebook ads who works with brands all over the world to get them great results. He’s also a vlogger and speaker (we recently shared a stage at the Marketing Business Summit over in Milan). What I love about Gavin is that he makes Facebook ads sound so simple. He’s also an utterly nice guy and I can’t wait to introduce him to you. 

You can listen to our podcast interview here.