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Need An Editorial Calendar Template For Your 2020 Marketing Strategy? (Hint: The 2020 Diary Is It!)

You know you need to be more consistent with your content but you’re struggling to get into a rhythm. And you often struggle to come up with ideas for social media updates and for your blog/vlog and email newsletter. Sound familiar? I’ve struggled with this in the past too. I’ll admit I’m not the most... READ MORE

[341] How to use stories to attract your ideal clients with Marsha Shandur

Do you want to attract more of the right clients? Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to build an audience and to establish trust and credibility. But many people either lack confidence in their storytelling ability or are scared of revealing too much of themselves. In this episode, I talk to story coach... READ MORE

Six compelling reasons to invest in 2019 Sorted

When you’re running a business single-handed it can be hard to stay consistent with your content. You’re ‘good’ for a few weeks at time: posting regularly on all your social media networks, blogging/vlogging, sending out your email newsletter...then things get busy. Before you know it, it’s been days (or even weeks) since you’ve published any... READ MORE

[310] Four types of marketing content that will make you sales

Do you struggle to come up with daily content to engage with your audience and ultimately make sales? From dogs in hairdressers to comments made by strangers at a speaking event - find out how everything can be turned into a content opportunity with these practical marketing tips. Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:... READ MORE

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