[197] How to build a thriving online community with Emily Quinton from Makelight

Building a community online takes time and it can have a big impact on your bottom line - if you’re prepared to play the long game. In this episode, Makelight founder Emily Quinton shares practical tips and ideas for building an online community. Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode: How Emily shifted from wedding... READ MORE

[175} How to make money from your creative business with Jeff Goins

If you have a passion for something creative, you might think it’s not possible to turn it into a successful business. In this episode, bestselling author Jeff Goins talks about how to overcome what he calls the ‘starving artist mindset’ and build a thriving business doing something that you love. Here’s what you’ll learn in... READ MORE

[069] How to grow your email list through challenges with Angela Henderson

Over the last eight months Angela Henderson has added over 2,700  people to her email list. What's her secret? A series of 30 day online challenges that have captured the imagination of her target audience (mainly mums of babies and toddlers) and helped build a strong sense of community. In this episode she shares her best... READ MORE

[064] Three writing hacks that will help you write stylish copy - fast

So you’ve pitched an idea to a newspaper, magazine or online publication and the editor has said ‘yes’. The trouble is, you’ve now got to write the bloomin’ thing. And it’s sent  you into full-on panic mode. Sound familiar? If so, you’re not alone. I’ve yet to meet anyone who doesn’t feel nervous about writing... READ MORE

[040] How Marie Kondo changed my business

When I started decluttering my home using the Japanese KonMari method, I had no idea it would also have a big impact on my business. Clearing out cupboards, emptying drawers and organising my remaining possessions not only improved my workspace -  it also gave me new-found clarity on everything from goal-setting to what to say 'no'... READ MORE

[030] Here's when it's ok to work for free

Once you reach a certain level of business success, people will inevitably reach out and ask for favours. Some will ask if they can ‘pick your brain’ over coffee or lunch. Others might ask you to speak at an event. You may even be approached by someone who wants you to be their mentor. While... READ MORE

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