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[350] How to use surveys to increase your online sales with Rob and Kennedy

Hypnotist Rob and mind reader Kennedy had successful stage careers before turning their attention to helping others build entertainment businesses through online courses/membership sites.  When they started using surveys to find out what products/services their ideal clients wanted, they discovered something surprising. People were much more likely to buy their products/services if they were offered... READ MORE

[342] How to build your audience on YouTube with Jessica Dante

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. So if you want to get in front of a large audience, having a Youtube channel can be a smart move. But if you’re not familiar with the platform, the practicalities of setting up a channel, deciding what kind of content you should be creating and... READ MORE

[339] How to build an audience for an online course or membership

If you’ve already tried to create your own course or membership programme you’ll know that it’s not a simple case of ‘build it and they will come’. In this episode, I share the reasons why you must build an audience before you launch an online course or membership site. I also break down the steps... READ MORE

[335] How to create a high-converting lead magnet

If you want to attract leads and sales for your business, you need an email list. But in a time when most of us are overwhelmed with information, inviting people to sign up for your lead magnet is not enough. In this episode, I break down the steps you need to take to create a... READ MORE

[333] 39 Surprisingly easy ways to increase your email subscribers

In January 2019, I launched a new online course How To Write Awesome Sales Copy which generated £20k in sales. It was a fairly relaxed launch, based around my six-part launch sequence (available as part of the course) and a handful of social media posts. The launch represented less than 50% of my monthly sales... READ MORE

[330] How to write awesome sales copy for your business

Do you struggle to write sales copy for your business? In this  podcast episode I share practical tactics for writing sales copy in your business including sales pages, marketing emails, Facebook ads and more. And I share the frameworks I use in my own business to help me write awesome sales copy - and do... READ MORE

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