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[328] The three numbers you should focus on in your business in 2019

Want to make more money in your business in 2019? Then you need to start tracking key marketing metrics in your business. But which numbers should you be monitoring and how often? In this podcast episode, I share the three numbers you must focus on to grow your business in 2019. {Click on the player... READ MORE

Have you got a 2019 content calendar for your blog? (How the 2019 media diary can help in just a few hours of using it)

You already know that creating regular content is the key to building your email list, generating new leads and boosting sales. In fact, creating valuable content for your audience was probably one of your main business goals for 2018. But… you got busy. Friday afternoon would roll around and you’d realise you didn’t have any... READ MORE

[290] On-Air Coaching: How do I speak to two different audiences in my email marketing?

Do you sell your products or services to different audiences?  Is this getting you confused about your marketing as you don’t know who to focus on and where? In this on-air coaching episode with career coach, Janine Esbrand, I share how to target varied audiences within your email and content marketing, the importance of keeping... READ MORE

[282] On-Air Coaching: What should I include in my email newsletter? with Heidi Wall

Do you struggle to think of what to include in your email newsletter?  Or do you spend so much time thinking about what to include, you never get round to writing one at all? Listen to this on-air coaching episode with Boutique Brownies owner, Heidi Wall,  for practical tips on how to create a newsletter... READ MORE

[281] How to find new customers or clients - fast!

Do you struggle to attract new customers or clients?  In this episode I break down the strategy I use to find new clients and customers - every single day. Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode: How to define your ‘hot leads’ (3:35) How to define your ‘warm leads’ (8:55) How to define your ‘cold... READ MORE

[277] Sales funnels made simple

In this episode, I explain what sales funnels are and how you can start building them (or improving the ones you have) to make more money in your business. I include examples from my own business (for both service and product-based offers), mistakes I’ve made with my own sales funnels (so you don’t have to... READ MORE

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