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[254] How to build your email list through online challenges

Ever seen people talking about ‘online challenges’ and wondered what they are or how they could help your business? In this episode I explain what online challenges are, and give practical tips on how you can use them to create an amazing connection with your customers, grow your audience, and make sales. Here’s what you’ll... READ MORE

[250] How to use email marketing to promote live events

If you need to sell tickets for live events, email marketing is by far the most effective strategy. But what should you include in your marketing emails? What kind of subject headers should you use? And how often should your be emailing your list about your event? In this episode, I share practical email marketing... READ MORE

[245] What you need to know about GDPR with Suzanne Dibble

If you’re doing business in the EU - or with anyone living there - you need to be aware of new data protection regulations (known as GDPR) that come into force in May. In this episode, legal expert Suzanne Dibble, explains what you need to know about GDPR and how it could affect your business.... READ MORE

[241] How to build your email list via a YouTube channel with Jessica Dante

Launching the YouTube channel Love and London helped Jessica Dante start a successful travel guide business. In this episode Jessica shares the marketing tactics she’s used on YouTube to build her email list and generate income in her business. Here’s what you’ll learn this episode: Jessica’s business story (2:16) The products Jessica sells and how... READ MORE

[239] How to attract more traffic to your website with Terra Dawn

Are you blogging about your business but not getting enough traffic to your website? In this episode, Terra Dawn shares her secrets on how to get more visitors your website and how to convert that traffic into customers. Here’s what you’ll learn this episode: Terra’s Business Story (2:52) Why website traffic is so important (3:55)... READ MORE

This is what I think when you send me a stroppy email (and why it's a PR issue)

While I get tons of lovely emails from people thanking me for the content I share on my blog, podcast, webinars, social media and other free channels, I get at least one real stinker of an email every day. Some senders are complaining about me sending too many emails (or even not enough). Others have... READ MORE

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