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How I chose the speakers for Content Live 2018

If you’re thinking of coming along to Content Live  you may want to know more about the speakers - and how I chose them.

A quick bit of background: Content Live is my annual content planning masterclass for entrepreneurs and creatives on 15 & 16  November 2018. It’s your chance to meet some of the UK’s most inspiring content creators who’ll be sharing their secrets on creating and publishing high-quality content plus how they manage to be so damn consistent). You’ll also learn how to create engaging content that attracts tons of likes, comments and shares PLUS create a content plan you can actually stick to in 2019.

I’ve handpicked the speakers for their knowledge and expertise in content creation and planning. They’re all people I’ve built relationships with over time - so I can personally vouch for their knowledge and expertise.

Here's a quick overview of the sessions, then a brief bio of each of the speakers (N.B. You'll get to meet all of the speakers, one-to-one in our speed networking session on Day 1).

Stop talking about video (and actually do it) with Dan Knowlton

Why you should be using Pinterest in 2019 (and how to do it) with Phil Pallen

What’s working on Facebook right now with Liz Melville

Creative Instagram Marketing with Bronte Huskinson & Emily Quinton

How to repurpose your content with Amy Woods

Are you ready to use audio in your marketing? with Ant McGinley

How to use your entrepreneurial superpowers to ace your content in 2019 with Osmaan Shariff

Creating your content plan for 2019 with Janet Murray

How to get more eyes on your content with Amanda Webb & Janet Murray

How to create a content automation machine for your business with Andrew and Pete

Day 1

Session 1:  Stop talking about video (and actually do it) with Dan Knowlton

KPS Digital Marketing

I first met digital marketing expert Dan when I was speaking at Social Day last year - although I’d already heard him being interviewed on a podcast and thought ‘I have to get to know this guy!’ What I love about Dan - who runs KPS Digital Marketing with his brother Lloyd - is that he doesn’t just dish out advice. He walks the talk - publishing consistent, high-quality, entertaining content  and speaking about marketing all over the world. He’s particularly strong on video marketing, which is why I’m excited he’s going to be speaking on that topic.

Listen to my podcast interview with Dan on how to create shareable content.

Session 2:  Why you should be using Pinterest in 2019 (and how to do it) with Phil Pallen


I first met personal branding expert Phil when I saw him speak at New Media Europe back in 2015. I booked a consultation with him immediately. Since then, he’s spoken at a number of my live events and we’ve hosted workshops together. At Content Live Phil will be talking about how to grow your business using Pinterest - including how he’s grown his monthly views to 450k. But do grab him to chat about anything relating to visual branding and social media. Phil will also be leading two of our fringe events - our photo walk on Wednesday 14 and Twitter breakfast on Day 1.

Session 3: What’s working on Facebook right now with Liz Melville


I can’t actually remember how I met Liz, but hers was a name I started to recognise because she was commenting on my content. Then I heard her being interviewed on the sales expert Jessica Lorimer’s podcast about her business journey - including how she niched down into helping people with Facebook ads. I was looking for someone who could talk about the topic of ‘what’s working with Facebook right now’ - covering both organic and paid content - so I checked out her Facebook page (which seemed to be attracting great engagement), had a quick look at one of her Facebook Lives and emailed her with an invitation. Liz works with online business coach  James Wedmore and spoke on a panel at his recent live event in California.

Session 4: Creative Instagram Marketing with Bronte Huskinson & Emily Quinton


I first ‘met’ author, photographer and Instagram expert Bronte in one of the Instagram engagement pods I run for my membership community the Love Marketing Membership. She’d written a book with her mum Sarah, who was part of my membership community at the time, and joined the pod to help grow her Instagram following. 18 months on, Bronte has 48k followers on Instagram and, having recently graduated from university, is making a living on Instagram. I’m excited for her to share her story with you - along with her tips on growing your engagement and following on Instagram.


I can’t actually remember how I first came across Emily Quinton...but I think it was via the Instagram expert Sara Tasker.  As soon as I heard her talking about her online membership community Makelight - which offers courses and resources for creative types -   I knew I wanted to invite her onto my podcast. At Content Live, Emily will be sharing creative Instagram marketing strategies (she has a massive 81k followers there) but you’ll also be able to pick her brains about her content creation, including how she’s built a thriving membership community.

Listen to my interview with Emily Quinton on how to build a thriving online community here.

Session 5: How to repurpose your content with Amy Woods

Content 10x

I first met Amy when I was speaking at CMA Live  in 2017 and spent lots of time with her at Social Media Marketing World in San Diego earlier this year. We’re also part of the same business mastermind. Amy is full of creative ideas on how you can take one blog post, podcast episode or video (or any other type of content you create) and turn it into multiple pieces of content - so you can reach a bigger audience. She’s also great fun - so I can’t wait for you to meet her.

Listen to my podcast interview with Amy on how to boost your web traffic through repurposing.

Session 6: Are you ready to use audio in your marketing with Ant McGinley

Ant McGinley

I first met Ant McGinley when I was speaking at Inbound in Boston in September 2018. I watched him deliver a workshop in which he got delegates with no experience of podcasting to make and publish their first podcast - live in the session. I immediately thought: ‘I have to book this guy for one of my events!’ Audio producer and presenter Ant is an expert on podcasting - so if this is something you’re interested in doing more of - definitely grab him for a chat during the event.

Day 2

Session 1: How to use your entrepreneurial superpowers to ace your content in 2019 with Osmaan Sharif

Rapid Transformation

I first met performance coach  Osmaan Sharif when he pitched me to come on my podcast. It was one of the best pitches I’ve ever received and I said 'yes' pretty much immediately. I also met him briefly when I was speaking at the Youpreneur Summit last year and have since been a guest on his podcast. He will introduce you to wealth dynamics - a personality profiling system for entrepreneurs and business owners - that can help you identify your core skills and talents (aka your ‘entrepreneurial superpower’) so you can identify content planning strategies that are best suited to your personality.

Listen to my podcast interview with Osmaan Shariff on how to find your entrepreneurial superpower.

Session 2: Creating your content plan for 2019 with Janet Murray 


That’s me. As the founder of the Media Diary (now in its third year), and with 18 years’ experience as a writer and editor for national newspapers/magazines - I know a thing about how to plan and create engaging content. In this practical session, I’ll show you how to identify the key ‘seasons’ in your business and how to plan your content around them. I'll also share practical tips - and examples from my own business - on the key pieces of content e.g. blog posts, marketing emails, social media updates you should create for each product/service you launch. You’ll also get time to share your ideas with fellow business owners - and get their feedback.

Session 3: How to get more eyes on your content with Amanda Webb & Janet Murray 


I first met Amanda when she invited me to be a guest on her podcast and recently got to spend time with her at Social Media Marketing World in San Diego. She has also helped me with my Facebook ads strategy. What I loved about Amanda is that she stays bang-up-to-date with the latest developments in digital marketing. She’s going to be talking about how you can get more traffic to your blog content - and I can’t wait for you to meet her.

Session 4: How to create a content automation machine for your business with Andrew & Pete


I first met Andrew and Pete at a Seth Godin event in London a few years’ back. Since then, I’ve shared a stage with them at numerous events including CMA LiveSocial Day. They have a talent for creating entertaining content that looks spontaneous and off-the-cuff but is actually highly-planned and polished. It’s their second time at  a Janet Murray event (last time they talked about how to get anyone to say ‘yes’ to you). This time round they’ll be talking about how to create a content automation machine - sharing the tools, processes and systems they use to plan and publish high-quality consistently - and how you can do the same.

Want to be part of Content Live 2018? Book your ticket here (ticket sales close at midnight Sunday Nov 4).

[283] How meet ups can help you make sales in your business

I’ve recently started running pop-up meet ups in town and cities where I’m speaking/working. It’s helped me make a deeper connection with existing clients and generate 3.5k of new business (in a matter of weeks).

In this episode, I share why meet ups are now part of my marketing strategy - along with practical tips on running your own (regardless of whether you have  product or service-based business).

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Why I initially resisted the idea of hosting meet ups (6:08) 
  • How I organise my meet ups (including venues and costs) (10:00) 
  • The impact of hosting meet ups on my business (including sales!) (14:26)
  • My tips on running your own meet ups (17:13) 
  • Ideas for meet ups if you have a product-based business  (22:58) 


Content Live 2018

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Review of Media Influence Live 2018

Attending a live event can be an uplifting experience. Taking a break from the day-to-day routine - and connecting with like-minded business owners - can leave you fizzing with inspiration and ideas for your business.

But with so much valuable content being shared, it can also leave you feeling a little overwhelmed and wondering if there is anything you’ve missed. With that in mind, here is a review of the highlights of Media Influence Live on July 5 & 6.

You may also find this post useful if you couldn’t make it along this year and/or are considering coming along to a future event like Content Live. If you’re an event organiser yourself you might also find this an interesting behind-the-scenes account of our sales and marketing strategy.

The concept

Getting featured in the media can be a great way to build authority and credibility. But if you don’t have any experience of working with journalists, it can be difficult to know where to start.  Media Influence Live is your chance to get in a room for the day with a bunch of top national journalists and influencers so you can find out what they’re looking for in a story, how to put a great pitch/press release together, where to find journalists’ contact details and everything else you need to know to secure high-profile media coverage. It goes without saying that it’s also a great opportunity to make valuable media connections and introduce journalists and influencers to your products and services.

In the past this event has only featured speakers from the traditional media i.e. newspapers, magazines, radio & TV. This year - to reflect the changing nature of the media - the event also featured YouTubers, bloggers and podcasters.

Day 1 of the event featured eight national journalists and influencers and sixty guests (mainly small business owners). Ten delegates opted for a VIP ticket which included a two-hour mastermind with the speakers, including 20 minutes to talk specifically about their own business and get feedback from the journalists and influencers. Day 2 gave delegates a chance to reflect on their learning from Day 1 and get support with planning a media influence strategy for their own business or brand. This proved really popular.

The Venue

For the third year running the event has been held at The Trampery, a co-working space in trendy Shoreditch, East London. We used the ballroom, a versatile space that includes a 12-metre long art installation by acclaimed London designers, Bad Marriage.

The speakers

Leah Hardy (Guardian), Adrian Butler (ITV’s Good Morning Britain), Polly Dunbar (Grazia), Emily Cope (Fabulous, The Sun), Clare McDonnell (BBC Radio 5 Live). Aleisha McCormack (Bridechilla podcast), Charlotte Jacklin (Betty magazine) PLUS content marketing experts Andrew and Pete & sales expert Jessica Lorimer

The Goody Bags 

We love to send our delegates home with a gorgeous gift bag full of goodies...and this event was no exception. I've listed the products that were included in our gift bags below.











We love to send our delegates home with a gift bag full of goodies

The workbook

I set myself the challenge of creating the ‘best workbook ever’ for my live events and I hope I succeeded this time around. As well as the standard programme information, I included a glossary of key terms e.g. press release, pitch, newswire, lead times etc and sample pitches and press releases. There was also plenty of space to write notes plus there were pictures (and social media handles) of every single delegate who attended. 

I aim to create the best workbook ever at every event I run

Photography and videography

Our official event photographer Laura Pearman documented the day in pictures while BBC journalist Marc Ashdown recorded the event. Laura also offered a special package for speaker and delegates so they had their headshots done while they were in London for the event.

The team

I couldn’t put on an event of this size without the support of an experienced team. Here’s the team that helped me before and during the event.

The marketing strategy

Two day tickets ranged from £499+VAT for a super earlybird ticket to £649+VAT for a last minute ticket. VIP tickets ranged from £699+VAT for a super earlybird ticket to £749+VAT for an earlybird ticket (they were sold out before we had the chance to release the standard price tickets!). We offered a small number of Day 1 tickets in the weeks leading up to the event. Tickets went on sale on March 28 and around 50% of tickets sold out in the first four weeks.

To create ‘buzz’ about the event, before the tickets went on sale, we shared our ideas for the event content and artwork on social media and got great feedback. 

The event was mainly marketed by email with regular updates on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Instagram Stories. I also talked about the event on my podcast which definitely led to ticket sales.

In the run up to the event, I created a series of blog posts aimed at helping guests to get the most out of the event. You can read them here:

How to prepare to attend a conference or workshop

How to stand out on social media at a live event 

Non-sucky networking tips for live events

5 reasons to blog about attending live events

How to write a blog post about an event you're attending 

I also created a dedicated Facebook Community, Twitter list and held a pre-event briefing call, using the video conferencing software Zoom to allow guests to ‘meet’ one another ahead of the event.

I encouraged guests to create preview content ahead of the event, which led to nine pieces of content, which you can read here.

Should I stop networking to save money by Zoe Whitman

Why you should attend conferences by Rachel Miller

How to invest in yourself by Louise Roberts

Why I’m not attending a bookkeeping conference by Zoe Whitman

My Media Influence Live event goals by Lynn Hill

How to choose the perfect handbag for networking business events by Jen Hamley

5 good reasons to attend live events by Sheila Mulvenney

Why you shouldn’t attend any live events - ever by Janine Coombes

How do you invest in your personal development strategy by Nadine Powrie

A ten-day email ‘countdown’ sequence helped create excitement ahead of the event (and make sure all our guests were completely clear about where they needed to be, when). Including shareable - and personalised - images like the example above encouraged guests to start using the event hashtag - #MIL2018 -  well ahead of the event.

We even created personalised Twitter avatars for our speakers and delegates.

Day 1

Session 1: Media Influence - Primer Session with Janet Murray

 I kicked off the first day of the event with a 30 minute media influence Primer with the aim of bringing everyone up to speed with the basics, including how journalists find stories, what they’re looking for in a story and how to set out a pitch. I decided to do this, based on feedback from previous delegates - some of whom were completely new to working with journalists and influencers and said they’d have found this useful.

Session 2: In The News with Leah Green (Guardian) and Polly Dunbar (Grazia)

Media Influence Live 2018

‘Journalists are interested in people not products’ declared Leah Green which set the tone for this session - and the whole event. Both Leah and Polly explained how stories are gathered on publications like the Guardian and Grazia magazine - with a particular focus on how newsjacking i.e. taking a topical news story and providing fresh angles or ideas, will help you get media coverage.

Session 3: On Air with Adrian Butler (ITV’s Good Morning Britain) and Jess Dante (Love & London)

‘We’re looking for the kind of story that will make people miss their bus,’ said TV producer Adrian Butler. He explained how small business owners can get themselves onto a primetime TV show like ITV’s Good Morning Britain, including when and how to get in touch. He was followed by YouTuber Jess Dante, who explained how creating her own TV show on YouTube is helping her build her travel guide business - and has led to high-profile press coverage on the BBC and Daily Telegraph (amongst others). She revealed that her YouTube channel has even helped her get ‘found’ by the producers of a film for the London Mayor’s office.

Session 4: On and Offline with Emily Cope (The Sun’s Fabulous magazine) & Charlotte Jacklin (Betty Magazine)

‘Don’t be scared to chase journalists and don’t pitch on a Friday afternoon,’ said Emily Cope from The Sun’s Fabulous magazine. She shared some fantastic tips on pitching to journalists on glossy magazines and weekend supplements. Emily was followed by Charlotte Jacklin, founder of Betty Magazine, who shared the inspiring story of how she started her own magazine, while still at university, with no prior publishing experience. She also shared valuable tips on how to get your products/services featured by top bloggers/influencers.

Media Influence Live 2018

Session 5: In Your Earbuds with Clare McDonnell (BBC Radio 5 Live) & Aleisha McCormack (Bridechilla Podcast)

‘What would stop people from getting out of the car because they want to carry on listening?’ said BBC presenter Clare McDonnell. She shared tons of tips on getting the attention of radio producers and the kinds of stories that resonate. She was followed by podcast host Aleisha McCormack who shared how not waiting to be picked by the traditional media and starting her own radio show - The Bridechilla Podcast - has helped grow her wedding guide business.


Media Influence Live 2018


Over lunch and breaks, delegates were able to chat to the speakers. The intimacy and access we provide to speakers is one of the biggest selling points of the event.

Session 6: Table talks with speakers

In the afternoon, delegates got the opportunity to meet every single speaker in our speed networking session. We rotated the speakers around the room so each table of eight delegates got 10 minutes with every speaker so they could ask questions. This is generally the most popular part of the day and this year was no exception.

VIP session

Ten delegates opted to stay on for a two-hour  VIP mastermind session with the speakers. Each delegate got 20 minutes in the hot seat with the speakers. This part of the day was more relaxed, with beer wine and nibbles.

Media Influence Live 2018


After the event, delegates headed to The Bike Sheda quirky restaurant cum barbers cum motorcycle shop in Shoreditch.

Day 2

Session 1: Overcoming your fears about being seen with Jessica Lorimer

“What's the absolute worst thing that could happen to you if you went for that thing you're scared of?” asked sales expert Jessica Lorimer as she kicked off her session on Day 2. She went on to share practical tips and strategies with delegates on overcoming their fear around being ‘seen’.  In the practical exercise that followed, many delegates did something something that scared them - in some cases recording their very first live video.

Session 2: How to get anyone to say ‘yes’ to you with Andrew & Pete

Next up were Andrew & Pete, delivering a brand new talk: The ‘Yes’ Formula. Not only did they share their extraordinary story of going from (in their own words) ‘nobodies’ to speaking at the biggest event in their industry Social Media Marketing World, they also shared tons of practical tips on getting the attention of key influencers in your industry. They even organised their own ‘after party’ for the event.

Media Influence Live 2018

The last part of the day was devoted to pitching skills. I took delegates through a practical pitching workshop, showing them how to write a pitch for any publication, programme or podcast - in minutes. I also showed them how they could use one personal story to generate one or more ideas to pitch to the media and/or use to create engaging content on their own platforms.

There are always things to improve but overall I think it was an incredible value-packed event. While the speakers provided immense value, guests also gained so much from spending a couple of days with like-minded business owners who share their visions and values. With the support of my team, I put my heart and soul into creating an unforgettable experience at Media Influence Live, so it was touching to see relationships being formed that will last for years to come.

Media Influence Live 2018

How to make sales from goody bag marketing

Providing free items for goody bags can be a great way to get your products in front of prospective customers, but putting them in the bags is not enough. It’s up to you to convert those leads into sales.

Read on to find out how to make sales from goody bag marketing.

1. Don’t assume the event organiser will do your marketing for you

Many event organisers are happy to share photographs/video of goody bag products on social media - and even email their list about it - but never assume anything. Make sure you're clear on where and when they will be sharing photographs/video of your products before the event - ideally before you agree to provide them. If you have good quality images/video of your products, make sure the event organiser has access to them prior to the event.

2. Connect with delegates ahead of the event

Many organisers create dedicated Facebook groups, Twitter lists and host Facebook Live broadcasts ahead of their event. While most event organisers won’t want you to spoil the surprise by sharing pictures of the items you’re providing for the goody bags, they should be happy for you to introduce yourself to the delegates, mention you are supporting the event and drop a few hints about what to expect from you. You can join the Content Live Facebook group here. The Twitter list is here. We are also hosting a series of Facebook Live broadcasts ahead of the event. 

Goody bags

3. Attend the event if you can

Putting your products in goody bags is a great way to get prospective customers interested in your products. But when it comes to converting interest into sales, nothing is more powerful than being able to talk to people about your products and answer their questions. Most event organisers offer discounted tickets for event sponsors (including those who provide products for goody bags). If you attend the event, you can also create ‘live’ social media content (e.g. Instagram Stories, Facebook/Twitter updates) and tag in delegates in (perhaps even wearing/using your products) which is a great way to stay top of mind.

4. Create your own social media campaign around the event

Most event organisers encourage delegates to share ‘live’ content on social media and provide a dedicated hashtag for guests to follow. So make sure you get active on the dedicated hashtag before, during and after the event. Remember also that even people who aren’t attending the event will be following along on the hashtag. So take some time ahead of the event to gather photos, video, blog posts you can share. The dedicated hashtag for Content Live is: #2019Sorted.

5. Follow up with delegates after the event

Most event organisers create a delegate list, which means you can follow up with delegates and ask them how they’re getting on with your product(s). This is a great way to carry on the conversation after the event. You might even be able to follow up with a discount code or voucher they can use for their first order. If you create a special code - just for that event - you’ll be able to monitor exactly where your leads are coming from.

At Content Live we include a picture, social media handles, website address and email address of every delegate in our programme.