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[330] How to write awesome sales copy for your business

Do you struggle to write sales copy for your business? In this  podcast episode I share practical tactics for writing sales copy in your business including sales pages, marketing emails, Facebook ads and more. And I share the frameworks I use in my own business to help me write awesome sales copy - and do... READ MORE

[329] What’s working on Facebook right now with Liz Melville

https://youtu.be/vqOJ-T0jLUA Do you feel like Facebook is constantly changing and you can’t keep up? In this podcast episode, Facebook ads specialist Liz Melville shares her thoughts on what’s working on Facebook right now, including whether we should ditch free Facebook groups, why the algorithm isn’t to blame for poor engagement on your content, plus what... READ MORE

[277] Sales funnels made simple

In this episode, I explain what sales funnels are and how you can start building them (or improving the ones you have) to make more money in your business. I include examples from my own business (for both service and product-based offers), mistakes I’ve made with my own sales funnels (so you don’t have to... READ MORE

[095] How to get paid with Claire Pelletreau

Imagine being able to ask successful entrepreneurs what they earn and how. Well that's exactly what Claire Pelletreau does. As the host of  the Get Paid Podcast, she's interviewed dozens of business owners with six and seven figure businesses (and beyond) and asked all questions you'd love to ask...but probably wouldn't dare. Here’s what's covered in this episode: How Claire... READ MORE

[079] Facebook advertising strategies that actually work with Marya Jan

Marya Jan is a Facebook strategist based in Melbourne Australia. I recently hired her to help me put together a campaign for a live event I was running in London, which resulted in around 5k of sales. Since then, she's been helping me promote my book and membership community.  If, like me, you've tried - and failed... READ MORE

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