Seven podcasts to help you nail your email marketing

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Want to nail your email marketing but not sure where to start? Or perhaps you’d like to build your subscriber list?  Maybe your email subscribers are a bit disengaged and you’d love to know how to get your subscribers to fall back in love with you? Here are seven email marketing podcasts to help you

(352) How to sell in a Facebook group (without annoying your members)

Would you like to make more sales in your Facebook group but are worried about annoying your members? If this sounds like you, you’ll love this podcast episode on how to sell in your Facebook group – without appearing pushy or ‘selly’. Whether you’re just starting your Facebook group (or are thinking about it) or

[344] How to build your audience through a Facebook group

how to build your audience through a facebook group gordon burcham

Is your Facebook group taking up all your time but not making you any sales in your business? In this episode, I talk to Gordon Burcham, Martial Arts School Owner and Multi World Kickboxing Champion about how he is generating a six figure income from a Facebook group. He also shares the remarkable story of

[334] How to build a large audience without paid advertising with Callie Willows

How to build a large audience without paid advertising with Callie Willows

Are you trying to grow your audience but don’t have the funds for paid advertising?  Or are you feeling fed-up with forking out on ads which aren’t bringing you a good return on investment? In this episode, Callie Willows from The Membership Guys, shares practical tips on how to grow your audience through content marketing,

[329] What’s working on Facebook right now with Liz Melville Do you feel like Facebook is constantly changing and you can’t keep up? In this podcast episode, Facebook ads specialist Liz Melville shares her thoughts on what’s working on Facebook right now, including whether we should ditch free Facebook groups, why the algorithm isn’t to blame for poor engagement on your content, plus what

[327] Why I’m closing my 13.5k Facebook group (and other changes I’m making in 2019)

why i'm closing my facebook group (and other changes i'm making in 2019)

If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know that my large Facebook group (with over 13.5k members) has been a huge part of growing my business in the last four years.  Want to know why I’m shutting it down?  Listen to this podcast to find out, PLUS other big changes I’ll be making