ideal customer

[206] How to get new customers or clients

If you need to generate more income in your business, your instinct is probably to look for new customers/clients. In this episode, I explain why starting with your existing customers and clients - and their friends - is the quickest way to generate income in your business. Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode: Why... READ MORE

[182] Why you should ditch your ideal customer avatar

Having an ideal customer ‘avatar’ i.e. a detailed profile of your ideal customer can be useful. But rely on it too heavily and you could stunt the growth of your business. In this episode I talk about the reasons you shouldn’t be a slave to your customer avatar. Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:... READ MORE

[082] How to set boundaries with your clients (and why it's a PR issue)

While the majority of your clients will understand you're not the only person they work with and respect your free time, you will occasionally come across those who don't respect your boundaries. These kind of clients might call or text you in the evenings, send Facebook messages or call you over the weekend - and then get annoyed when... READ MORE

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