[256] How to promote an online challenge

Around 1800 people signed up for my recent Facebook page engagement challenge - would you like to know how? In this episode, I share my best tips and strategies for promoting an online challenge (or any product or service launch). Here’s what you’ll learn this episode: Why you may need a reality check if you’re... READ MORE

[178] How to plan a social media campaign for a launch

An effective social media campaign can really make a difference to sales when you launch a new product or service - and will help you to make sure you’re creating exactly what your customers want to buy. In this episode I share with you the exact social media strategy I use when I launch something... READ MORE

[173] How to launch with a tiny list with Jo Milmine

If you’ve got a new product or service you’re itching to launch, you might think you need to have a massive email list in order to attract enough customers. In this episode, business consultant Jo Milmine talks about how she has launched successfully with small - but perfectly formed - email lists. Here’s what you’ll... READ MORE

[117] How to plan a successful product launch

Natalie Lussier is an online marketing expert and software start-up founder whose product launches have netted her sales of over a million dollars. In this episode, she shares her tips on all the essential elements you need for a successful launch. Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode: Natalie Lussier’s business story - from healthy... READ MORE

[072] How to stop talking about your goals and actually achieve them

Do you set goals for yourself you don’t deliver on? Are you good at starting projects but not so good at seeing them through to the end? Or do you procrastinate so much, you can’t get started at all? If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you’ll love this podcast episode on how... READ MORE

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