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[343] The three audiences you must build to create a profitable online business

Are you feeling frustrated because you're trying to build your online audience...but you still don't have enough clients? While activities like social media marketing, blogging and building your email list are brilliant for attracting cold leads (i.e. people who don't know about you yet), research consistently shows that most people need at least 7 or... READ MORE

[342] How to build your audience on YouTube with Jessica Dante

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. So if you want to get in front of a large audience, having a Youtube channel can be a smart move. But if you’re not familiar with the platform, the practicalities of setting up a channel, deciding what kind of content you should be creating and... READ MORE

How I chose the speakers for Build Your Audience Live

If you’re thinking of coming along to Build Your Audience Live you may want to know more about the speakers – and how I chose them. A quick bit of background: At Build Your Audience Live you’ll get to meet some of the world’s most inspiring marketing experts – all of whom have built a... READ MORE

[336] How to make sales from your business blog

You think you’re doing all the right things to build a successful business blog. You’re showing up every week, you spend ages researching, writing and promoting, but it’s not making you any money. In this episode, I break down the steps you need to take to create strategic blog content that people actually want to... READ MORE

[330] How to write awesome sales copy for your business

Do you struggle to write sales copy for your business? In this  podcast episode I share practical tactics for writing sales copy in your business including sales pages, marketing emails, Facebook ads and more. And I share the frameworks I use in my own business to help me write awesome sales copy - and do... READ MORE

[329] What’s working on Facebook right now with Liz Melville Do you feel like Facebook is constantly changing and you can’t keep up? In this podcast episode, Facebook ads specialist Liz Melville shares her thoughts on what’s working on Facebook right now, including whether we should ditch free Facebook groups, why the algorithm isn’t to blame for poor engagement on your content, plus what... READ MORE

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