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[065] How to use media coverage to grow your business with the Merrymaker Sisters

Health coaches Emma and Carla - aka the Merrymaker Sisters - have been featured in dozens of magazines and newspapers, and on radio and TV. What's their secret? They just ask. In this episode,  the Merrymaker Sisters share their tips and strategies for getting major media coverage for their business - without hiring a PR firm... READ MORE

[062] How to get the most out of a meeting with a journalist

So you've managed to secure a meeting with a journalist on a publication or programme you'd like to be featured in. How can you make most of the opportunity? In this episode, I share tips on getting the most out of a meeting with a journalist, including some of the most common mistakes people make (and how... READ MORE

[031] How to build & promote a profitable online business with Mariah Coz

Building a business you can run from anywhere in the world - one that makes you money even while you sleep - is a dream for many aspiring entrepreneurs. But how do you go about building a profitable online business? How do you create products and services people are itching to buy? And what are the best... READ MORE

[019] Why you need to build a personal brand with Chris Ducker

Serial entrepreneur and Youpreneur founder Chris Ducker has been featured in dozens of high-profile publications like Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Inc, Forbes & the Huffington Post. Yet he's never pitched a single story to a journalist. Chris puts his PR success - and many of his achievements in business - down to having a strong personal brand. In... READ MORE

[015] Look good online with Laura Husson

Your website plays a crucial role in the public image of your business. So if you're not happy with the way it looks, you can end up feeling the same way you do when you're carrying a few extra pounds or turn up to an event in completely the wrong outfit - like you want to hide away and not... READ MORE

[012] How to create a media calendar for 2016

If you want to increase your chances of getting media coverage, you need to think like a journalist. So in this episode I share something journalists do routinely - something you can do too - that will help you get media coverage for your business or brand. Here’s what I cover in this episode: How to... READ MORE

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