[263] Why I changed the name of my podcast

If you’re a regular listener to my podcast you’ve probably noticed the show has had a bit of a makeover - including a change of name. Listen to this special episode on why I’ve changed the name of my podcast, and what to expect over the coming episodes. If you’re new to the show it’s... READ MORE

[219] How to get your ideal clients to fall in love with you with Laura Pearman

In this episode, headshot photographer Laura Pearman talks about her innovative approach to marketing: how she ‘handpicks’ her clients and gets them queuing up to work with her - and how you can apply her ideas to your own business. Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode: How Laura Pearman targets the people she really... READ MORE

[217] How to find your entrepreneurial superpower with Osmaan Sharif

Unlocking your entrepreneurial superpower could help you to choose the right growth strategy for your business. In this episode, business coach Osmaan Sharif explains how he uses the eight different personality types to help business owners play to their strengths. Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode: How business coach  Osmaan Sharif went from Human... READ MORE

[201] How to find your niche (and why you need to) with Alexia Leachman

People love working with specialists, so if you want to attract more customers and clients, you need to get clear on your niche. In this episode, Alexia Leachman - who was the first ever guest on the Soulful PR podcast - explains how finding her niche as a fear-free birth coach has helped grow her... READ MORE

[160] Going small to go big in your business

The most successful business owners that I know have one thing in common: their ability to focus on one thing. In this episode, I explain how staying small - focusing on one ‘niche’ or trialling your product/service with a handful of clients - can help you achieve bigger results in the long term. Here’s what... READ MORE

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