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[303] On-Air Coaching: How do I pivot from serving a small number of clients to a membership model? with Kirsty Carden

Do you offer coaching or consulting to clients and wonder how you can scale up your business?

In this episode I help Kirsty Carden, a successful business coach, with practical tips and strategies on how to launch a paid membership community, how to use social media to get people onto a waiting list, and how to define and refine the offer you are selling.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Kirsty’s business story (1:15)
  • The challenge Kirsty is facing in her business (1:30)
  • Why selling premium offers can be easier than selling lower-end products (10:15)
  • Why creating a waiting list will help you garner interest for your new offer (17:02)
  • How to use social media to get people onto a waiting list (19:58)
  • Why you shouldn’t try to scale up too quickly (21:55)
  • Why you need to be clear about what your membership is (and offer something specific) (30:40)
  • Kirsty’s biggest takeaways from the coaching (40:38)


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