online challenges

[302] How we generated 56k in 10 days (Sales Challenge debrief)

During my recent FREE sales challenge, participants made a staggering 56k in sales - making this one of my most successful online challenges yet.  Want to know all the details? In this episode, I share behind-the-scenes from the challenge, including which social media platforms sent me the most referrals, why my Facebook ads tanked -... READ MORE

[256] How to promote an online challenge

Around 1800 people signed up for my recent Facebook page engagement challenge - would you like to know how? In this episode, I share my best tips and strategies for promoting an online challenge (or any product or service launch). Here’s what you’ll learn this episode: Why you may need a reality check if you’re... READ MORE

[254] How to build your email list through online challenges

Ever seen people talking about ‘online challenges’ and wondered what they are or how they could help your business? In this episode I explain what online challenges are, and give practical tips on how you can use them to create an amazing connection with your customers, grow your audience, and make sales. Here’s what you’ll... READ MORE

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