[289] How to get booked as a speaker

Speaking at live events can be a great way to attract clients and customers.  But how do you get booked as a speaker - particularly when you’re just starting out?  What kind of experience are event organisers looking for?  And what the best ways to get noticed? In this episode I share how I chose... READ MORE

[253] How to land guest appearances on podcasts with Nicole Holland

Would you like to be a guest on a podcast but are unsure how to go about it?  Perhaps you’ve already made some guest appearances on podcasts but would like to do more. Nicole Holland is an expert on podcast guesting and shares practical tips on how to find suitable podcasts for your business, how... READ MORE

How to use media enquiry services like #journorequest to get press coverage

If you want to get high-profile press coverage for your business - without pitching journalists or writing press releases - media enquiry services like #journorequest, Response Source,  and Help A Reporter Out can be a brilliant resource. These services put journalists who are looking for people to talk to in touch with people who want... READ MORE

[228] How to land a regular column in a newspaper or magazine

Getting a regular column in a newspaper or magazine can be a really good way to help grow your business. In this episode, I share my advice on how to land a regular column and why it’s a good PR move. Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode: How most editors choose writers for their... READ MORE

[226] How to find journalists' contact details

If you want to secure media coverage for your business in newspapers, magazines, websites and on radio and TV, finding out exactly the right person to get your idea in front of - the person who can make a decision about whether to run your story - is vital. In this episode, I share my... READ MORE

[190] How to pitch yourself as a podcast guest (and why you need to)

Appearing as a guest on a podcast show can be a great way to get known - and get in front of prospective customers and clients. But many podcast hosts are inundated with pitches from people who want to appear on their show. So how can you make sure your pitch stands out? In this... READ MORE

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