Seven compelling reasons to start a podcast in 2020

If you’re thinking of starting a podcast for your business, you may be wondering if you’ll get a return on investment for the time and money you invest.  With that in mind, here’s seven compelling reasons to start a podcast in 2020. 1.You’ll find it easier to attract (and convert) your ideal customers/clients  Most people... READ MORE

[263] Why I changed the name of my podcast

If you’re a regular listener to my podcast you’ve probably noticed the show has had a bit of a makeover - including a change of name. Listen to this special episode on why I’ve changed the name of my podcast, and what to expect over the coming episodes. If you’re new to the show it’s... READ MORE

[253] How to land guest appearances on podcasts with Nicole Holland

Would you like to be a guest on a podcast but are unsure how to go about it?  Perhaps you’ve already made some guest appearances on podcasts but would like to do more. Nicole Holland is an expert on podcast guesting and shares practical tips on how to find suitable podcasts for your business, how... READ MORE

[190] How to pitch yourself as a podcast guest (and why you need to)

Appearing as a guest on a podcast show can be a great way to get known - and get in front of prospective customers and clients. But many podcast hosts are inundated with pitches from people who want to appear on their show. So how can you make sure your pitch stands out? In this... READ MORE

[150] Behind the scenes of my business

When I asked listeners how I should mark the 150th of episode of the Soulful PR podcast,  they said they wanted to know more about me and how the show is put together.  So in this episode, I’m answering the questions rather than asking them. In this episode, I’m interviewed by my friend Rob Lawrence... READ MORE

[100] Lessons learned from 100 podcast episodes

When I first started podcasting, last November, I had no idea what the future held. Would I enjoy doing it? Would I be any good at it? And would I still be around in 100 episodes? Well, turns out I am, so to celebrate, here's a round-up up what I've learned over 100 episodes of... READ MORE

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