Press Coverage

[301] What it really takes to build an online business with Lucy Parsons

Academic coach Lucy Parsons started her business four years ago and has seen her revenue grow from just £10 a week to over 50k a year. In this episode, Lucy - who is part of my membership community - the Love Marketing Membership - shares how she has gained fantastic press coverage for her business,... READ MORE

How I chose the speakers for Media Influence Live

If you’re thinking of coming along to Media Influence Live you may want to know more about the speakers - and how I chose them. A quick bit of background: Media Influence Live is a two-day event for business owners who want to learn how to promote themselves in the media. Come along to the... READ MORE

[226] How to find journalists' contact details

If you want to secure media coverage for your business in newspapers, magazines, websites and on radio and TV, finding out exactly the right person to get your idea in front of - the person who can make a decision about whether to run your story - is vital. In this episode, I share my... READ MORE

[222] How to write a press release for your small business

If you want to get coverage in newspapers, magazines and on radio and TV, it’s a good idea to know how to put together a compelling press release. In this episode, I share my tips on the key ingredients of a press release, including how to write one and who you should be sending it... READ MORE

[205] How to work with bloggers and influencers with Nicola Snell

Getting featured in the press and/or prominent blogs and social media accounts can be powerful way to build your audience. In this episode, Press Loft founder Nicola Snell shares her tips on how to identify the key journalists and influencers in your sector and then make the most out of these connections. Here’s what you’ll... READ MORE

[191] How to use competitions in your marketing with Kate McQuillan

Hosting a competition can be a great way to generate press coverage for your business and to raise brand awareness with prospective customers. In this episode, Kate McQuillan explains how she created an annual pet competition that has become incredibly popular and helped to boost her business. Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode: Kate... READ MORE

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