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[029] Fearless self-promotion with Jen Gale

It's easy to look at other business owners who keep popping up in high-profile publications, and on radio & TV, and think that kind of success is out of reach for you. They must have friends-in-high-places or be working with a PR company, right? Not necessarily. The truth is, you don't need a PR company - or... READ MORE

How to get radio & TV coverage for your business

Securing radio and TV appearances can be a great way to get exposure for your business or brand. But what kind of stories are broadcast journalists interested in covering? And what’s the best way to pitch an idea? Here’s some tips to get you started… Do your research Radio & TV producers receive hundreds of... READ MORE

[010] How to pitch journalists like a pro

If you want to get great media coverage for your business, pitching is an essential skill. But what's the best way to pitch to a journalist? What exactly should you include in your pitch? And how can you make sure journalists actually open your email pitches? Here’s what I cover in this episode: How to... READ MORE

[003] Fear free pitching with Alexia Leachman

Do you feel nervous about pitching to journalists? Have you ever held back from pitching a story idea because you were worried your idea would be rejected or ignored? Do you sometimes spot a media story and think ‘that could have been ME? If only I’d had the guts to make that call/send that email?’... READ MORE

Beware of awareness days

There's now an awareness day/week/campaign for everything you can possibly think of - from 'World Cancer Day' to 'Jazz Appreciation Week' (yes, really!). Great hook for a media story, right? Wrong. There are now SO many awareness days that some journalists are wary of commissioning stories around them. I've even spoken to journalists/editors who flat... READ MORE

Want to pick my brain about PR? Then read this...

The great thing about being a PR specialist, is that almost everyone I meet (in a professional capacity, anyway) wants to know how to get coverage in magazines, newspapers and on radio and TV. But while I love  talking to people about how to get media coverage, there just isn't enough time in the day to answer... READ MORE

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