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Why press releases are dead (but you should keep writing them)...

I get hundreds of press releases every week - most of which I delete without opening. Why? Because most of them are completely irrelevant to me. They are also often badly presented, with dull or obscure titles - or worse still - with ‘re:’ or ‘press release’ in the email subject header, giving me absolutely... READ MORE

17 signs you're doing ok with your PR (even if you don't think so)...

If you’re reading this post, I’m sure you already know there’s no quick-fix for PR. With so many people competing for column inches and airtime, journalists can afford to be choosy about the stories they run. So it can take months of pitching - and countless knockbacks - to place a story in a newspaper... READ MORE

23 questions you should ask yourself before you pitch a story idea to a journalist...

Most journalists receive hundreds of pitches and press releases each week - of which just a tiny percentage get coverage. how can you make your stories stand out? Here's 23 questions you should ask yourself before you pitch a story idea to a journalist: Subject header 1. Is my email subject header short and to the... READ MORE

A simple strategy you're probably not using in your PR campaigns...go on, steal it!

What have you read, watched or listened to that’s caught your attention over the past few days? Ok, I’ll go first… Well I couldn’t resist this Daily Mail article about the woman who claims her husband has made her fat. I also enjoyed this Guardian Music blog about pop singers who can’t do jazz and... READ MORE

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