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[014] Do you need a press kit?

One of the most common questions I get asked about PR is 'Do I need a press kit?' In fact many people I speak to are under the impression that they can't start pitching story ideas to journalists until they have one.  There is absolutely no truth in this and in this episode I explain why.... READ MORE

[010] How to pitch journalists like a pro

If you want to get great media coverage for your business, pitching is an essential skill. But what's the best way to pitch to a journalist? What exactly should you include in your pitch? And how can you make sure journalists actually open your email pitches? Here’s what I cover in this episode: How to... READ MORE

[006] Why journalists don't care about your business

Here’s what we cover in this episode: Why journalists aren’t interested in your business (but why that’s a good thing) Why you need to show not tell if you want to get media coverage Three things you can do to get media coverage for your business - without talking about it Key resources and links My... READ MORE

[001] What exactly is PR?

Pretty much every entrepreneur I meet wants to know how to get PR for their business. The problem is, although they know it could be great news for their business, they’re not always sure what PR is and are sometimes a bit embarrassed to ask. So what better way to launch the Soulful PR podcast than... READ MORE

[000] Welcome to the Soulful PR podcast

The Soulful PR podcast is a weekly show for entrepreneurs who want to get media coverage in magazines, newspapers, and on radio and TV. I use my experience as a journalist and editor on national UK titles like the Guardian to share insider tips on how to get great media coverage. I also interview incredible guests -... READ MORE

Five easy ways to get press coverage

Have you ever wanted to know how some people manage to get fabulous coverage for their business or brand? You know the kind of people: the ones whose just keep popping up in newspapers, magazines or radio and TV. Over and over again. It's not about having great connections with journalists (although, invariably, they do). Nor... READ MORE

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