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Why Facebook is your secret PR weapon

I’m a big fan of Facebook. As a location independent business owner, my office is my ‘she shed’, kitchen table, local cafe or wherever I happen to be in the world at the time. So Facebook is my watercooler chat, professional network and social circle... all rolled into one. It also has another important role... READ MORE

This Little Piggy Got Some Press Coverage...and so can you

Sarah Poole owns Westenhanger Castle - a wedding venue and conference centre in the South East of England. Over the last few weeks, she’s been quoted in the Daily Telegraph and the Independent. She’s also made numerous radio and TV appearances on the BBC and ITV. But she hasn’t been talking about the beautiful weddings... READ MORE

Why I won't write you a press release (however much you pay me)...

At least one person emails me a week asking how much I charge to write a press release - usually a small business owner with an event or product to launch. They’ve often completed my free press release writing course but think it will save time if I do it for them. I always say ‘no’ - regardless... READ MORE

Four free PR resources you already have (but probably aren't using enough)...

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight (or know someone who has) this phrase might be familiar: ‘I’ll start my diet when...I’ve been on holiday/moved house/joined a gym*. I’ve noticed people - small business owners, in particular - often talk about PR in the same way. ‘I’ll start doing some PR when I’ve…got more clients/hit... READ MORE

Why press releases are dead (but you should keep writing them)...

I get hundreds of press releases every week - most of which I delete without opening. Why? Because most of them are completely irrelevant to me. They are also often badly presented, with dull or obscure titles - or worse still - with ‘re:’ or ‘press release’ in the email subject header, giving me absolutely... READ MORE

23 questions you should ask yourself before you pitch a story idea to a journalist...

Most journalists receive hundreds of pitches and press releases each week - of which just a tiny percentage get coverage. how can you make your stories stand out? Here's 23 questions you should ask yourself before you pitch a story idea to a journalist: Subject header 1. Is my email subject header short and to the... READ MORE

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