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[299] How to sell everyday (without being a pain in the ass)

If you want to make more sales in your business, you need to be prepared to sell every day. Fact. But selling everyday doesn’t mean constantly pushing your products or services onto people.  There are multiple ways you can get your products/services in front of prospective customers/clients - without being spammy/selly.  In the episode, I... READ MORE

[298] How to turn browsers into buyers

How many times have you booked a dental appointment because your dentist sent you a reminder? Or eaten at a restaurant because a voucher code landed in your inbox at exactly the right time? I bet you didn’t think it was scammy/selly. You were probably grateful for the reminder. So why do we feel  awkward... READ MORE

[297] How to sell your products or services on social media

Do you find it difficult to sell through social media?  You’re not alone. In this episode, I explain how to use social media to start conversations about your product or service that will help you generate leads (plus how to convert those leads into sales). [IMPORTANT NOTE] This episode is part of a week-long sales... READ MORE

[296] How to generate sales in your business - fast!

Do you need to generate income in your  business - fast?!  Approaching customers who have previously bought from you is one of the most efficient (and often most underused) way of generating sales. In this episode I share strategies you can use to make sales from your hottest leads - and do it fast. [IMPORTANT... READ MORE

[295] How to prospect your leads

If you’re struggling to make sales, it’s likely you’re focusing your marketing efforts on the people who are least likely to buy from you (i.e. your cold leads). That’s why it’s important to go back to basics and ‘prospect’ your leads. In this episode I’ll show you how to identify your hottest leads, so you... READ MORE

[294] How to quadruple your income in seven days with Jennifer Hamley

Earlier this year, luxury handbag designer, Jennifer Hamley, was ready to give up on her business.  But after attending one of my live events, she made a radical shift in her marketing strategy - and quadrupled her income. In this episode she shares how Facebook Live has transformed her business - in just seven days.... READ MORE

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