[338] Why you feel scared of selling (and what to do about it)

Are you scared of selling? Are you crippled by nerves when it comes to pitching for new business or asking for the sale? In this episode, sales expert Marcus Cauchi gives practical advice on overcoming your fears using tried and tested techniques that will allow you to make sales naturally and authentically. {Click on the... READ MORE

[273] How to handle sales objections

Do you freeze when someone raises an objection to the product or service you are trying to sell? Listen to this episode for six practical tips that will help you handle sales objections successfully - from how to anticipate objections before they come up, to why you need to treat objections as ‘fears’ and welcome... READ MORE

[269] Deciding what to sell (at any stage of your business)

If you run your own business you have to make decisions about what to sell. If you’re right at the start of your journey, this might be about working out your very first offer or product range. If you’re further along, it might be about deciding whether or not to introduce a new product or... READ MORE

[155] How to sell without feeling gross with Tara Swiger

Being able to sell your products and services is a key part of running a small business, but time and time again business owners tell me that selling makes them feel a bit icky and uncomfortable. In this episode, Tara Swiger shares her tips on how to build a sustainable business - and how to... READ MORE

[114] Are you afraid of selling?

Are you afraid of selling? Perhaps you get scared that if you send a sales email people won’t like you or unsubscribe from your list? Or maybe you hold back from telling your current clients about new product/services you have, in case they think you’re being pushy. But if you’re not telling people about what... READ MORE

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