setting your prices

[340] How to create a coaching or consultancy package for your business

Do you offer coaching, consultancy and training and find yourself spending hours creating bespoke proposals every time a prospective client gets in touch?   Or perhaps you’d like to offer some kind of coaching, consultancy or training but you’re not sure what you should be offering and you keep procrastinating about it and never actually... READ MORE

[235] How to create multiple streams of income with Dorie Clark

Dorie Clark is a marketing and branding expert, professional speaker and author.  She helps business owners make a living doing what they love through her popular books and online courses. In this episode Dorie explains, and gives examples of, how you can create multiple income streams for your business.   Here’s what you’ll learn this... READ MORE

How to deal with prospective customers who say 'I can't afford it'

When someone says they can’t afford your products/services that doesn’t mean you’re too expensive. After all, what’s expensive to one person might be as cheap as chips to another. So when someone says ‘I can’t afford it’ what they really mean is you’re too expensive for them right now or they’re not convinced they’ll get... READ MORE

[231] How to charge what you're worth with Sigrun

Do you struggle to set your prices? Or find yourself undercharging for your product or services?   If so, you’ll love this episode with Sigrun, a business strategist and lifestyle entrepreneur, who has grown her income from zero to seven figures in four years, by confidently raising her prices and charging what she’s worth.   Here’s... READ MORE

[230] How to make more money in your business

Do you feel like you’re not making enough money in your business? In this episode, I share six reasons why you're not making enough money in your business and offer you some practical solutions you can implement immediately to turn things around. Here's what you'll learn:- Undercharging and how to go about rectifying this (2:32)... READ MORE

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