[309] How to go viral on Twitter with Kerry Jordan

Are you launching a new product, service or marketing campaign and want it to go viral on Twitter? Listen to this episode to find out how Kerry Jordan, a dog photographer, launched the National Dog Photographer’s Awareness Day, made it go viral on Twitter - and get picked up by national newspapers. Here’s what you’ll... READ MORE

[267] How to get more engagement on Twitter

Social media is all about engagement, but if you’re new to Twitter – or looking to up your game on the platform – you might be wondering how to get those conversations started. In this episode, I’ll share my tips on how to get more engagement on Twitter and talk to prospective clients for your... READ MORE

[259] How to build a loyal following on Twitter with Madalyn Sklar

Do you feel lost on Twitter and unsure how to utilise it effectively for your business? Listen to this episode for practical tips and strategies on starting conversations, using Twitter lists, getting involved with Twitter chats and how to grow your community online with Twitter marketing expert Madalyn Sklar. Here’s what you’ll learn in this... READ MORE

[247] How to find customers on Twitter (and how to make it easier for them to find you) with Samantha Kelly

Do you feel like you're tweeting into a black hole? Samantha Kelly from The Tweeting Goddess is an expert on making Twitter work for your business. Listen to this episode to find out how you can attract new customers on Twitter, connect with useful people within your industry and use the platform to ‘get noticed’.... READ MORE

[242] How to get more engagement on social media

Do you feel like you’re wasting time on social media because no one is responding to what you share?   In this episode, I share four tips on how to create content that people will engage with. The three things you should try to achieve with your content (2:07) Why you should try to solve... READ MORE

14 podcast episodes to help with social media engagement

If you're struggling to get likes, comments and shares on your social media updates, it's easy to blame algorithm changes. Although you probably don't want to hear this, the truth is it's far more likely to be about the quality of your posts and what you're doing (or not doing as the case may be)... READ MORE

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