[136] The one thing you can do to get more social media followers

What is the one thing you need to do to grow your social media following? Find out in this podcast episode (clue: you’ll be surprised how easy it is). Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode: How to use your existing connections to increase your social media reach Strategies you can use to help you... READ MORE

[133] How to grow your following on Twitter

If you want to connect with journalists and get in front of potential customers, Twitter is the perfect social media platform for you. In this episode, Mike Kawula explains how to use Twitter to grow your business. Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode: Mike’s business story - from serial entrepreneur to Twitter expert with... READ MORE

[130] Three PR-savvy reasons for you to be active on Twitter

If you’re serious about getting media coverage for your business, you need to be active on Twitter, and in this episode, I explain why. Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode: How journalists use Twitter like a search engine to find information and expert sources for their stories Making use of Twitter to find journalists’... READ MORE

How to get your hashtag to trend on Twitter

“Janet, you’re trending on Twitter.” When this post appeared in my Facebook group last week, I thought it was a joke. So much so, I went out to the theatre and forgot about it. But when I checked my phone, later that evening, I’d been messaged at least half a dozen screenshots. My #soulfulpr hashtag... READ MORE

[083] How to find out if social media is actually working for you with Jennifer Begg

It's easy to be active on social media. Being strategic - so your activity actually has an impact on your business - is much more challenging. But how do you find out if your social media activity is actually working for you? In this episode I talk to social media expert Jennifer Begg about how to measure... READ MORE

How to connect with journalists on social media (without feeling like a crazy stalker)...

For people who ‘do’ communications for a living, journalists can be a pretty difficult to get hold of. They don’t pick up their phones, answer emails or respond to invites (not without a lot of prompting, anyway). Which can be sooo frustrating if you’re trying to pitch a story. If you want to increase your... READ MORE

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